Thursday, March 24, 2016

Wife Me Bad Boy by Chance Carter

Lacey and Grant.
Two opposite people yet they are the same.
Laceys father brought 'The brotherhood' in house when Lacey was just 17 years old, Grant was 21. From the fist time they saw each other, they wanted each other. Grant knew that she was his. He just never made a move because he wanted to respect Laceys father. Lacey never did know that he wanted her because he had always picked on her. But he did spend some time with her alot, just not nearly enough.
And now its 17 years later. Lacey is 34 now and Grant is 38.
At Jacksons and Faiths wedding, Grant and Lacey decide to have a 'one night romance' Nobody would ever find out, it was an unwritten rule to never sleep with the 'bossmans' daughter. They just didnt want to complicate things. But now, everything is so complicated. 
You have Grant who has always said he's never going to get married, and then theres Lacey who has always wanted to get married. She goes out with a guy who shes found online, he is the biggest prick there is, but who cares, Lacey is wanting the 'happily ever after' so bad she is so desperate to get married that she will marry just about anybody.
Is Grant to late?! What happens when Grant finds out about everything about Rob, the plastic surgeon who says that Lacey would look better if she got enough surgeries that cost right at 100 thousand dollars.
So this book, its about Lacey and Grants story. A forbidden love that Grant doesnt want to get into when he was younger because he didnt want to disrespect her father. He is oldfashioned. He believes the woman should have her desires. He believes in working hard and providing for his woman. He will go to any extreme to keep/ get back what is his. He will fight for his woman. He is the ultimate family protector. 
This book is super sweet. Lacey will get on your nerves at times And you'll be like "Now lacey you know he is NOT the guy for you" Yes you will do all of that. 

So is the book worth to read??! YES!! I recommend this book totally. 
Would i reread this book? YES. Grant is AHMAZING !!!! 

I received this book for my honest review!!