Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Dirty Girl pt1 by Allie Cooke

Charity is a sex crazed woman. Shes been sneaking in mens bathrooms to have sex with guys ever since she was a senior in high school, but back then it was her high school boyfriend. Now however, its with any guy who will give her the time of day. She craves the adventure, she thrives on getting caught by someone.
Charity has two rules:
1. Never do retakes. Never sleep with the same guy twice.
2. Never let them know where she lives.
And the spinner is that she was raised to respect her body, to dress modest, and to respect herself when it came to that department.
Boone hes a camera watcher at clubs. And hes obsessed with one girl only. He doesn't know her name, but what he does know about her is that she uses a different name every single night. And what she does is extremely dangerous, and it puts him on edge.
So after one night of bliss Boone and Charity makes up a 'agreement' She lets him watch/listen to her while she gets 'down and dirty' with the guys of the bars. And to beable to sleep with her whenever he wants to, no matter the place.

So this book. Its a great one! Little short and leaves off with a not so great ending. So yup. I am so ready for part 2 to come out.
Ms. Allie is a new author for me, never read her books. But i can say that this will NOT be my last book for him to read.
Come on book 2!
Would i reread this book?! Absolutely.
Do I reccommdend this book??Yes. Its such a short book.
Allie cooke is an amazing author! Her designer did an amazing job on her book cover as well.

I received this book for my complete honest review!!!