Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Given to the Savage by Natasha Knight

I received a ARC for my HONEST REVIEW !  
This is a book with ALOT of emotions. Rowan and Silas does not have the fantasy love story. There is alot of stuff that happens that leads them together. To be honest i was skeptical about getting this book and requesting it but i am soooo glad i did. In the beginning when the book begins its heartbreaking. To be called "Breeder" just because you have kids. But let me tell you when Silas FIRST comes on the scene i knew he was going to be something different. He has this power in the way he presents himself. 
Rowan is from "The Colony" and Silas is from "The Settlement" and he made a deal with the commander to get something back inorder to breed Rowan. Rowan is in her early twenties and ready to be bred but what happens next is hardly believable. There are some twists and turns and wild events that happens in the coming weeks and months after Rowan is with Silas in his Settlement. Will everything be OK? Will everything come to "Normal" What happen??? Read the book and find out. Get thru the first couple chapters and i promise you won't regret it !
 This book is AMAZING

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Ravel By Shari J Ryan

 Tears ! A whole bunch of tears. This book is very emotional. But it was a very good book. Daph is in a very abusive relationship of many years. She is this gorgeous girl whos self-esteem is so low because of her 'boyfriend' she thinks that nothing can come good for her. Well that is until Kemper walks into the bar and sits down. He just got back from a deployment and its like Daph and Kemp hit it off. 
You need tissues for this book. But this book will keep you up til 3 in the morning (It did me) also. This book is a roller coaster. It'll have you smiling, laughing, awwing, and last but not least balling your eyes out. Its very heartfelt. 

To all the Servicemen and Women THANKYOU FOR YOUR SERVICE !

I recieved this book as an ARC for my honest review !  

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wicked Reunion BY Michelle A. Valentine

I loved this book! 
This is the first book i've read from Michelle Valentine and well I Read it in 2 days :) This will not be the last book i read from her. I started out with this book to start with. so i will have to go back and read Wicked White part 1 :) I got it as an ARC for my honest review and well i'm glad i did. This book it kept me interested all thru out the book It kept me thru it and held me there. Now it does go from Then to Now to Then quit a bit but it nothing over the top. You can keep up with it. Theres not drastic part where it stops and it looses you all together like some books. 
BUT..... about the book it self........
I will say this when things went bad i hated Jared ! and thought his brother was the sweetest and then at the end well Sweet Jared came back and Wes was the one i was hating. 
The heart loves who the heart loves. No better way to put it. This book does it right. You can go years without seeing each other trying to escape from your thoughts and try to get the other one out of your thoughts but it never happens. Your heart always goes to the one thing that it wants most. The one that your destined to be with.
I got this book as an ARC for my honest review !
This book doesn't come out til December 15, 2015.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Alpha by Natasha Knight

Zane and Aria. 
Well this is the COMPLETE ALPHA book! 
Aria goes to find Zane; her brothers best friend, after 6 years of being lonely and trying to find her mother and brothers murderer and wants his help. When she gets there. The story goes for a turn. theres ALOT of suspense alot of spicy material and ALOT of twisers. This is my first book i've read by Ms. Knight and it will NOT be my last ! I love a good Alpha book and well this one is a REALLY GOOD ALPHA BOOK! I will be reading more of her material! 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Dragon's Web By Lia Davis

WOW This book is MUCH different then what i normally read. But it wasn't bad at all. I actually wish there was another part that goes to this book.This book is actually a Novella. Its short, sweet, spicy, sexy, and has some suspense. It has it all in it. I read this book in one setting. This book goes pretty quickly and its a easy read. The author pulls you in from the beginning and KEEPS YOU THERE! Once you start there is no going back. Think about it as "Pringles in a book, Once you crack there aint no going back" you get what i'm saying. Anywho. This book is interesting and when the ball gets going it doesn't stop. Like i said its like a Pringle once you read that first line your hooked !
I got this book as an ARC for my honest review! 

Sunday, November 8, 2015

50 Shades of Grey by EL JAMES !

I put this on my actual personal blog in the beginning of this year but i feel like since i started this blog i need to put it over here also. So here it goes !
It took me exactly 9 1/2 days to finish the trilogy. I came to find out when i was reading the books that it actually has an amazing story to it. Christian is a guy that knows what he wants when he wants and he gets the job done. Every woman's dream is to find a man who knows exactly what he wants and well Anastasia did. And she helps with so much stuff that hes went thru in his past. 
There is some 'exotic scenes' in the book but they last about 2 pages each. Why put down a book for just about 10 pages. You can easily skip over them pages.
If i had to put my review or my opinion of this trilogy it would be "Its the ultimate chic flick in a book" 
This is a really good book. And i honestly hate that this book has got so much negative attention just because words of someone. Give the book a chance and i find out for your self. You dont have to read the 'scenes' or the 'contract' but read the STORY that the book gives. I promise you it wont leave you disappointed. There is actually some parts where i just laughed because i felt some of it was funny, theres some parts that made me mad and theres some parts that gave me 'butterflies' and then theres parts that made me so happy. The Author E L James gives so much detail that you can actually see what the person is thinking and what the do. and how they act toward one another. This book is by far the best book i've read!

QUOTES from the BOOK ! And yes there is a spoiler in the end !

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Wrong Number, Right Guy by Elle Casey

I received an ARC for my honest review. 
this is my first book I've read by Elle. and it will NOT be my last. she captured my attention from the beginning of the book. and she kept it. the writing is great and its more realistic when shes talking about mays feelings thoughts and actions. May or 'Bo peep' is an awesome character. she's this witty 29 year old photographer who has this big ol heart. and she winds down at this biker club thinking she gets a text from her sister to come get her kids but that isn't the case.... come and read the book and find out what happens after all of that. 
this book had me laughing up a storm. May and Ozzie (the lead male character) they are perfect for each other. can't wait for book 2 !

A Mess of Reason by A. Wilding Wells

5 stars all the way! Could not ask for a better book. This is truly a great book. Tess and Scout are best friends for about 15 years. Two friends that loved each other so much but was literally to dumb to even realize it. And what made Tess not realize it, well she has a HUGE secret that no one knows. Not even her best male friend of her best girlfriend, Roxy. She knew that if she went with him then he would want all of her and well she couldnt do that. So she kept boyfriend after boyfriend just to avoid it. Scout he's a big time player, slept with pratically every girl he knew besides Tess herself. At 29 years of age [Tess just had a birthday] Tess's FIANCE forgets her birthday. Creed is a creep! I don't like him at all, He doesn't deserve her so who comes to Tess with a whole bunch of stuff, SCOUT ! Things takes off from there. But what is Tess's secret? And what happens after all their secrets and explanations takes place? Will Tess still get married? What happens when she does show up at her wedding? Will it go on as plan? What happpens?! Well read it and find out. This book is one of a kind. There is some stuff in here that i don't agree with. That was the only turn off for me. But once you get past that. The book starts to make some sense. 
I recieved this book as an ARC from Netgalley for my honest review ! 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Imperfect Love By Isabella White

This book had me on a roller coaster. It made me laugh. smile. giddy. And then it made me sad and i honestly BALLED MY EYES OUT. Holly is a 24 year old who gets involved with a man after her terrible break up with her fiance. And Jake is like a dream come true who is actually training to become a neurologist. He is really the dream come true. But some terrible events happen and things turn for the worse.  This book can be read as a standalone but it doesn't end in a very HEA. I can not wait until book two comes. I need to know why it happened and what just went wrong.
The writing is wonderful. And so is the characters.
Get the book and when you get to 90% make sure you grab you a box a tissues because you WILL need it. I promise you that. Ive read thru one book only and that was from the Shattered Hearts Series it was in the last book "Chasing Abby" If you've read thru that one and cried you will DEFINITELY cry thru this one. But it is a really good book. So give it a try:)

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Monday, November 2, 2015

Prince Albert by Sabrina Paige

I don't know what to say about this book besides sabrina paige has DONE IT AGAIN. I can not stress how much i just LOVE her books ! She sucks you up in the book in the beginning and keeps you there. you really can not keep her books down. but anywho along with the book review :)

So Like i said Sabrina sucks you in the beginning. Belle is a worker in charity work. She has been working in Africa for the past two years and goes to LA for her bachelorette party where her maid of honor tells her that shes been sleeping with her fiance for the past two years. Yes i know SHOCKER. But anywho Belle takes off running from her maid of honor who is SUPPOSELY her best friend. Well guess she isn't after all huh. But anywho she starts running and well Albie runs straight into her or her into him. who knows. but it happens and he calls her Drunk Cinderella because she looses her shoe and she calls him the "Not so charming Prince" but heres the thing Albie is the Prince of Protrovia but belle doesn't know that. Things happen and well she ends up marrying Albie but two weeks later she goes to Protrovia to meet her mother and her fiance that so happens to be the KING of protrovia and who is the kings son?! You guessed it ALBIE. Well things happen between Albie and Belle while they were still in LA because the wedding was a scam it was a fake wedding and they said they were going to get it annulled but guess what. they didnt and well now they are married and in the same palace for the summer and well things gets heated quite a bit.
Get the book read it and sees how this Not so fairytale ends. I can guarantee you havent read one like this.
Oh Yeah Prince Albie also has a Prince Albert Piercing. So yeahhhh Prince Albert with a Prince Albert. the story just gets better and better!

Calling Me Series By Louise Bay

Another great series from Louise Bay. I got this book as an ARC for my honest review! This series is different. It's about two childhood friends that have joined as a family once one of their parents died and the other set moved to another country. Ashleigh has loved luke since they were teenagers but luke didn't feel that way. Or at least he didn't think so. But then his girlfriend, Emma, gave him two options: marry her or its over. So what does he do?! Well he does the later. He ends it with her and it suddenly hits him that he has this huge thing for ashleigh but what happen's when she doesn't feel like he's ready even thou she loves him and wants to be with him. We're talking about a good 10 year untold love here. 
This book is great. The 4 stars is absolutely nothing to do with the book itself. It's because of the Character Ashleigh. She gets aggravating and at some points I just wanted to reach into the book and smack the living crap out of her. So technically it's a 5 star book !

some of my fav quotes ! or just things that stood out to me !

"I was as terrible at giving compliments as I was at receiving them.

I savored every yes, every more, every oh, every there, every please. I wanted every one of her words. I knew what it was not to have them— I’d never take them for granted.

So.Bad by Kelley Harvey

I received an ARC for my honest review!
I loved dannys and mo's story. it was sweet. and some parts I laughed. Danny is a 'bad boy' from the beginning of the book but by the middle you find out why. Mo is just a 21 year old woman who had a major crush on him since adolescent years. you fall in love with these characters very quick like and the author sucks you in from the beginning. 
what I didn't like about the book was how quick it ended. I feel like there might be a big gap from the last chapter to the epilogue. that is the only reason why I gave this rating a 4 star and not a 5. 
I also read this book in a 2 sitting period (had to work :/) you can not put this book down it calls you back each time !

So.Trashy By Kelley Harvey !

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Well Ms. Kelley Harvey has done it again. i didnt think a book could be as good as So.BAD but So.Trashy has lived up to it. But i do have to admit it wasn't what i thought it was going to be. i expected a BAD girl but she really wasn't. Shes BAD in another way. a good way. She's just trying to help out her Aunt Delores with a few repairs and well she needs money. In the beginning i was thinking WITW [What in the world] but everything comes clear in the end. Give the book a try and see where it takes you! 
Oh and i must say this about Lou and Aunt Delores. OMGEE their personalities ESPECIALLY Aunt Delores. omgoodness she had me laughing everytime she spoke in the book. And Well Lou she has a great personality and her humor is amazing. 
I'm so glad Lou gave buck another chance. They are perfect for one another but i do have to say sometimes i could have slapped Buck. Lou should have. It would have been great getting to picture some of Lous training on Arianne in that one scene but other then that its just a good book and i really can not wait until the next book I will be reading future books by Ms.Harvey ! 
i received this book as an arc to post my honest and true review !