Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Dirty Play by Violet Paige

 Wes and Lennon.
Hottest Quarterback in the sports spot light right now and One of the best orthopedic Surgeons there is in the country.
Thats who Wes and Lennon is.
Wes gets his had broken/crushed and Lennon is called to the OR for emergency surgery. And well since Lennon just moved to San Antonio, Texas from D.C She has no clue what is the big emergency, just a broken hand she says. Oh and Lennon knows NOTHING about Football either.
After a very persistant Wes and a 'lets get this thing over with' kinda thing Wes and Lennon finds their self together a few times in 48 hours (6 times to be exact) She is the fist girl who he asks to stay and the first girl hes let stay in his penthouse while he goes to work. Yup Lennon is changing Wes right before his very eyes. But after everything and all the drama with his hand, reports, his parents(father especially) Will Wes and Lennon make thru the hard times??! Or will the just get stronger with each drama that they come through together. 
This book is adorable! I love his Alphaness. "My bed my rules". Wes is one of the few 'book boyfriends' that i will not forget. What he wants he gets. What he chases, well he catches.
This book starts out 3 months before the book itself. Its a fast moving book, it reads really well, and it sucks you in and keeps you there. I feel like the details in the book are just enough to get by and then plus some more. 
There are a few details i would've loved to read about in the ending of the book, epilogue to be exact. But i'll be ok. 
But would i reread this book?! Yes i would. i very much enjoyed it!!
Would i recommend it?!?! Yes i do. If you love a alpha male who doesnt give a flying flip what people think of them then yes this book is deff for you! And hes a Football player too. wee doggie...
I received this book for my honest review!!