Thursday, March 17, 2016

Stripped by Piper Lawson

This is my first book by Piper Lawson. So with that said...
I went into this book blinded. Literally. I knew nothing about her brother, Dylan, or her best-friend, Lex. So there past i knew nothing. But you get caught up pretty quickly!

So Ava goes to New York for locating before her and her best-friend decides to deff move to new york to pursue their fashion business "Travesty" [I want to read the first book to see exactly what that name means:] Well while they are there they go to a bar and while her best-friend goes to the bathroom Ava goes to the counter and orders 2 drinks, and she gets hitted on by some drunk wad. And well she gets 'rescued' by a guy that she nicknames Suit. He says he owns a Porsche and he just can't believe she doesn't fall heads over hills for him. Ya see Ava is from Southern California, where all the surfers are. The hot steamy ones at that. So billionaires from New York, Yeah that her forte.
So of course he asks her what shes doing in 10 hours and that hopefully his answer will be "you'll be riding me" and with Ava being Ava her remark back is "Not if you keep talking like that" 
But she says in 10 hours she'll be busy but she can give him 7.

So what happens next?! well a couple months later she gets a call after being in New York for only [i think 4 weeks] that her friend has gotten herself into some trouble with the fashion business. Yup, someone says that they ripped off their design and they stole it. So when she walks in the room, she sees no one other then the hot 7 hour over night romance sex steamed guy his-self. But now she has a last name to put with Nate. Nate Townstead. The rich 25 year old who is prosecuting her for something that they didnt even commit for. So what happens next?
Does Ava and Lexi have a chance at winning something they didnt even do?
How does Ava and Nate come to term with everything?! Or better yet does Nate even remember Ava?!
So This book. Yes the drama in this book is out of the roof here. It is a different kind of scenery thou. Normally when i read a book its the girl in distress and the guy has everything together. Well them roles are switched in here. Where Ava is practically her own woman in her early twenties, she has a mouth like a sailor and well she holds NOTHING back! Well Nate, he's totally different. He is what you call a trust fund baby, or that what people think anyways. He has everything handed to him and if dearest daddy needs something, well Nate drops EVERYTHING and is at his beck and call. Well he's getting just a tad bit tired of it now. Has been for a while, but he doesn't notice it. So that part of the story is just curious to the readers eye. Its intense.
So yes the roles are switched. At first i was like 'NO Nate can not be like this. He can't be' Cause me personally i can not STAND a guy who is all 'crybabish' i like a MAN not a little boy. But seeing Nate transform to his own person, i LOVED IT!

So over all YES this book is great!!!

Would i reread this book?! Probably so.
Do i recommend this book?! most definitely ! 
I received this book for my honest review!!!