Monday, February 29, 2016

Made by Danielle Slater Book Review

I enjoyed this book! It reminded me Of the Hunger Games. Just with A little twist. What happens when your little sister desides she wants to date for money? But its not with the good guys or Company but with One of the most dangerous secret company that has existed? That is the situation that Brooke finds herself in. 
This book Captured me from the beginning. Nathan is this this playboy who works for the company that plays the most dangerous dating game that has existed to Man-Kind!
What happens when he goes from security guard to the actual kind of pawn like Brooke is ? Will Brooke beable to Save her Sister? Or is it to late for her?
I recieved A copy of this book for my honest Review !!!

Twisted Up in You by Dawn Martens book Review

Surviving a harsh upbringing,
Corinne Treyton’s new life comes courtesy of the Angels Warriors MC. No one
will ever use her body again, unless she wants them to. Cori, a party girl,
doesn’t believe in relationships, but she’d be willing to try if only Blake,
who happens to be her boss, could really see her for who she is. She hides her
lifestyle from him, afraid he would think less of her.

Lexington has crushed on Cori since the day she started working for him. He
knows a bit about her past, living with the Angels Warriors, and he doesn’t
care. He refuses to make a move, thinking it will scare off his shy assistant.
For years, he’s thought she would never be attracted to someone like him.
Finally realizing that he needs to take action, her reaction surprises him.
Cori believes he sees her as a slut and wants to use her. Secrets from the past
will be revealed, causing everything to unravel. Will real love bring them
together, or is Cori too damaged to give true love a chance?

My Review!
Wow what a ending! 
Cori and Blake are both victims of being in the CPS System. They are two cases that the system has mystically failed them. They both were raped, beaten, abused [mentally and physically]. And the saddest part of it all is that they were in the same foster home for atleast a year but they never did know it.
Cori and Melissa, Coris sister, finally gets rescued from that Dog AWFUL place they get taken in my no other people by "Angels Warriors MC." They fight for them and they give the girls a place to stay and live and to, well, grow up. They kind of adopt them. 
This story is heartbreaking! You will cry, you will get upset. And you will hate their foster parents. And you will literally get sucked into this book because you want to know what happens. And when you think everything is ok, it turns on you. This is one mysterious book! And i absolutely LOVED IT! 
This book has ALOT of mysterious things. It has alot of heartbreaking situations. But this book is SOOOO Worth it ! 
So with the two BIG questions :) 

Do I recommend this book?! YES. Absolutely. So GO AND BUY THIS BOOK ! 
Would i reread this book?! Yes ! Even thou i balled my eyes out yes. Because this story has a STRONG story line to it. And it pulled me in from the beginning. I would most definitely reread this book ! 

I received this book for my completely honest review ! 

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Never Kiss an Outlaw by Nicole Snow Review


Never kiss an outlaw, they said. Easy advice, until the day my father's dirty secrets made me property of the Deadly Pistols Motorcycle Club. Easy, until I came face-to-face with the beautiful bastard who makes me burn with every glance. Firefly.
I tried to fight it. Threw every insult in the world his way, hoping to hide how bad my lips were begging to be kissed.
Now, I'm losing the battle. Completely.
I turned his life upside down. His cocky, unbelievable promises are flipping mine right-side up. He says he's going to make me his. I'm going to love it. And he isn't taking no for an answer.
I should slap him upside the head. Instead, I'm becoming a believer in his caveman promises because I can't keep my hands off him...

No more games. I cut Cora a hundred kinds of slack when she landed in my world, one that's too twisted for a sheltered spitfire.
I laughed at the sass and smears coming out of her mouth 'til the day the Prez made me her bodyguard. Then I put an end to her crap.
I protected her. I laid down the law.
One raging kiss shut her up for good. Never expected what came next, this urge to rip off her clothes, throw her on my bike, and own her.
The monsters coming after her, they're already dead. It's the  future that counts, and there's only one I'll live.Cora, she'll get my ink on her skin. She'll wear my ring. She'll have my kid.
I'm taking what's mine, taking her night after night, and she's gonna get used to my lips on hers forever.

Another great book by Nicole Snow! 
Cora and Firefly (Fireballs).
Cora, daddys little girl, is a sweet 22 year old who is doing a teaching internship for a future job. She comes home and finds out that something is terribly wrong. The local MC is at her house talking to her father. He tells her that everything is going to be ok and that she hast to go with them so they can keep her safe. But he won't tell her why, only that its the safest place to be right now. 
Firefly, the 32 year old who has no time for no woman. He scores and leaves. Thats his role and his play. The females knows that all they get. Just one night with Firefly, the crazy enforcer of the Deadly Pistols MC of Tennessee, thats all they get. And only one girl catches his eye, Sweet little Cora, the MC Prez bestfriends daughter, who is FORBIDDEN!! He goes weeks, months without touching another woman because Little Cora is all he wants. So what happens since Firefly can't touch her. What happens when every thing comes tumbling around Cora and Firefly? When Coras Daddys enemies comes and takes what they want and what they think they deserve for payment?! 
This story is FULL of surprises. And full of turns. And has the cutest little dog in it to. And what is the big dogs name. BINGO! Yes BINGO. What participant of a MC name their dog BINGO?! Well Bingos owner of course. 
Bingo is just the beginning of the cuteness of the story. This story is full of MC, Love, Surprises, and well some violence.

If you haven't read Nicole Snow, you are really missing out! Come join the SnowFlakes :) 
I received a copy of this book for my honest review ! 

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Shifted for Love by C.A Tibbitts Review !

 Jace moved in with Fiona and her father when she was fourteen. Tall, lean, and hotter every day, he caught Fiona’s eye on day one, and she has had a crush ever since. The problem is, Jace has never looked at her as anything but a friend. 
On Fiona’s sixteenth birthday, her dad announces she is going to mate a shifter she has never met when she turns twenty-one. Zane, though cute and muscled, is arrogant, older, and not at all her type. 
One night, Jace finally sees Fi for the woman she has become. In a moment of weakness, he succumbs to her request for “just one kiss.” A mate’s addictive taste is something neither Jace nor Fiona can deny. 
Caught by a secret past, Jace believes he will never deserve a woman like Fi. However, Fiona harbors a deep dark secret of her own, a secret that may change all of their lives. 
Pepper Valley: A town where shifters, vampires and other creatures are a part of society. What will happen when two shifters fight — over a love that has been ordained, and one that is forbidden? 
They are caught … and Shifted For Love

My Review ! 
This is seriously the sweetest shortest story i've ever read ! You fall in love with the characters from the beginning. and normally you wind up hating the guy in the story half way thru but it is NOT the guy that you hate! Fiona has some serious problems. Thank God she got back on my good side. I could have reached thru my kindle and smack her ! No joke! 
Ok, so review time.Fiona and Jace grows up together when Fionas father brings him in and raises him as his once he runs away from his abusive parentals. They grow more fond of each other day by day, year by year and well minute by minute. At Fionas 16th birthday party she is promised to a guy named Zane. Yes her father promises her to another Clan to make their clan stronger. 
But things happen and well things just don't work out. So Will Fionas mate Zane anyways? What happens to Fiona and Jace?! 
This book is rather short but it is REALLY good! 
This is my first book i've read by C.A Tibbitts. and well it will NOT be my last.

But i do have some questions for the author :) 
What happens to Zane? what about Nick? and last but not least does Fionas father ever find a mate?! 

Would i recommend this short read?! Most definately.
Would i reread it. Yes ! I would not mind reading this book again. 
Its cute and the cover is magnificent :) 

I received this book for my honest review !

Bad Boys Bridemaid by Sosie Frost Review

The baby wasn’t on the guest list..But at least the invitation said +1?
Nate Kensington was trouble. One night with him and this good girl bridesmaid became a Maid ofDishonor. He'd promised no strings and no regrets…but what happens when once isn’t enough? 
Falling for a sworn bachelor complicates everything, especially when this groomsman is the life of the wedding party. With two months until the big day, my family is a one spoiled shrimp-ring from total meltdown. The bridezilla might kill the groom, my divorcing parents are constantly fighting, and the wedding invitations were mistakenly printed on indigo paper… 
…The same color as the positive line on my secret pregnancy test. 
To get everyone to the church on time, I have to keep the baby a secret until after the wedding. But the bad boy daddy-to-be won’t stop chasing me, and I can’t risk my heart on a playboy who’s only after one thing. 
I’m already in over my head. I can’t go in over my heels too.

My Review
Mandy and Nate has nothing in common. Shes a good girl and well Nate is a playboy. He chases girls until he catches them and then lets them go and think no more about them. Well thats how it worked before Many anyways. Nate and Mandy has a one night romance and what comes with it?! A surprised pregnancy. Mandy finds out and wants to tell him but one thing is keeping her from telling him.


Thats right. Her family. They are a religious family and very well known in their community, their little town. And Nate well he's the Preachers son. 

Not only that but her sister is also getting MARRIED. And she doesn't want to cause anymore 'drama' for her sister. According to Mandys sister and mother she can do NOTHING right! So with that and her getting pregnant by the playboy of the town, she's going to wait until after the wedding. But will she beable to wait that long? And is Nate trying to chase her again since their first night of romance??

This book is really good! This is not my first book by Sosie Frost but i will say it is her best one yet! She brings real life situations into this book, and i think thats why. If you have never read any of her books this one is a great place to start. 

Would i reread this book? Yes!!
Would i recommend this book?! Absolutely.

I received a copy of this book by the author for my honest review ! 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Royal by Winter Renshaw review!

His name is Royal, but he’s no prince charming. He’s not even a prince - though you could say I loved him once upon a time.

He was my older brother’s best friend. 
Growing up, he sat at our dinner table every Sunday, teased me mercilessly, and pretended I annoyed him. 
When I was old enough, he took me on my first date. 
Royal taught me how to drive. Escorted me to my junior prom. Gave me my first kiss…amongst other things. He was my first taste of toe-curling, all-consuming, can’t-sleep love. 
We had our whole lives ahead of us. There was never anyone else for me but him. 
And then he disappeared. No letter. No explanation. Not even a goodbye. 
My sisters and brother never forgave him, and my parents forbade me from speaking his name in our house ever again. For all intents and purposes, we were to pretend Royal Lockhart never existed. 
I’ve spent the last seven years trying in vain to forget my first love, but just when I think I’ve finally moved on, guess who’s back in town? 

My Review!
Have I ever said how much I love winter Renshaw books?! 
7 hours and 20 minutes that is how long it took me to read this book.
After I read Vegas baby I didn't think that there to be a another really really really good book. But boy was I wrong ! 
Royal is a book about a man and woman who gets separated when they're in their late teens. And royal goes to help his family member upstate and he tells his family that he moved into with that he will be back that night. But things does not work out like that he is not able to come back and Demi is heartbroken. 
After 7 years royal shows back up but there's only one problem Demi is engaged to another man and they are expected to get married next to Valentine's Day.
Will Royal and Demi find a way back to each other or is there time has gone past.
 This book is really good like I said above. Royal has some drama and his life is not all that good. During his time away he lost some people and it was hard. Demi during the years she was heartbroken she didn't know what to do and she was lost. 
If you never read one of this author's books I would really get on this train. Winter Renshaw books are really good.
 Would I reread this book? Yes. Absolutely.
 Do I recommend this book? Yes. Most certainly.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Addicted by Lauren Landish Review !

“Your lips would look great wrapped around my…”

Who in the world tells a girl that on their first meeting? Tyler Locklin, that’s who. He’s filthy rich and arrogant with a set of abs that is the envy of all young men everywhere, and did I forget to mention devilishly handsome? He’s a bastard of the first order. I can’t stand to be in the same room with him. 
But with one wink or a flash of his mischievous grin, I go weak in the knees. It pisses me off. I’m supposed to hate him. He’s an asshole. Yet, I can’t help but be drawn to him because I’m . . .ADDICTED.

My Review! 
22 year olds and all you want to do is be a fashion designer. You want to get your name out there and beable to work at your own firm. But the only way to do that is to work with one of the most coniving women there is. She puts you thru crap to get you to learn what you need to learn, but you dont know she's doing it for your own good. 

And then theres this big wedding fitting that you have to host. Your 'barking orders' and a guy who is 'drool worthy' comes over to you. He lies to one of your coworkers saying that youve known him your whole life and hes only comfortable with you taking his measurements. So you go fit him and one of the first things he says to you is 'they would look great wrapped around my d**k'. Then you slap him and run away. Oh did i mention that he is a CFEO, he cofounds his and his fathers company.

Thats the back story or well the early beginning anyways♥♥

The Story is really cute. And its sweet. Tyler is your arrogant CoFounder. Hes your stepbrother, but you dont know that until you go meet his daddy for the first time and see your mother standing there. WOW what a surprise. Victoria is just a 22 year old who is trying to make it work out on herself and who tries not to think about the mother that she got into a very big dispute when she divorced her father and married a cocky billionaire, which resulted in not going to her own mothers wedding.  But none the less 
Victoria and Tyler has there drama. Especially when Tylers ex-girlfriend comes on the scene, so YES there is the one girl who causes all the drama in this book. And Tyler has his own problem when his own board wants to vote him because of his 'wild ways'. 

Would i reread this book?!Yes.
Do i recommend this book??! Absolutely.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Bidding on the Billionaire by JM Stewart Review

Safety. Anonymity. Invisibility.

Those are just a few advantages of Internet “dating.” Even better, as far as Hannah Miller is concerned, is the fact that she can shed all inhibitions without worrying about what he thinks of her figure or her face. “He” is bikerboy357, the man who knows what Hannah likes, and wants her—every night—as much as she wants him. When he asks to meet, Hannah hesitates. But the temptation is too strong. And after one look into his sultry green eyes, there’s no turning back.

Cade MacKenzie’s never met a woman who’s wasn’t blinded by his billion-dollar net worth, but “H” knows neither his face nor his name. Her words are so smart, sweet, and scorchingly sexy that Cade’s willing to gamble she’ll be just as amazing in person. And she is. But even as every delicious encounter makes Cade want Hannah more, what he wants most is her trust.
It’s something all his money can’t buy. And now, Cade will do anything to earn it.

My Review! 
Hannah is a 25 year old woman who owns her own bookstore and she has given up on Love. She has been heart broken 1 to many times. Her previous boyfriend she dated for a a few months, and then she learned he was engaged to get married. What kind of guy does that? Yeah thats what Hannah was thinking too. 

She was on a chat room discussing the different opinions on BDSM. He said one thing she said another. It all started with a book discussing if its sane or insane. 

It started as an argument and led to something more. 6 months of chatting, EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! 

And then it changed. It was suppost to be online only. They had these rules. And they started changing them one by one.

This book is a really fast read. The author sucks you in from the beginning and keep you there. She leaves you wanting more when the book finishes. 

Hannah and Cade lives in two different cities. One in LA and the other in Seattle. will they ever find there way together. will they overcome the drama that comes to them. What happens when all the rules change. And one of them wants more and the other doesn't because they are afraid to get hurt again.

This book is really good. Its definitely one of the best short reads i've read and i recommend it ! 
Would i reread it?! YES ! 
Would i recommend it?! YES. 

Undo Me By M.Robinson Review!

#UndoMe by @authormrobinson #BookReview

OMGOSH! I have no words. There is SOOOO much stuff that goes thru this book it is unreal! 

Ok first lets just say that i LOVE the prologue! When i got done with it i was like "wow that was so intense" Now when the first chapter came i was thinking 'what in the world. there is no way that happened to two 16 year olds And then it all made since.

You get a glimpse in the now but what i loved most about this book is how you get to see how they first met and you get to see thru their troubles. You get to follow their lead when Aubrey is just 15 years old and Dylan is just 16 years old. 

When i was reading this book i cried. yes there are some VERY emotional parts in this lovely book! I cried happy tears and i laughed my tail-in off at some parts. This book is truly one of a kind.
Dylan and Aubrey does not have a normal teenager love relationship. They are so intense. And you can feel the love that they give to one another. Now luckly this book moves along rather smoothly and they get up in age in, i dont want to say in no time because well that just doesn't happen. But It doesn't get to weird. PROMISE<3 Always. (Pun intended)

Then the part that i absolutely LOVE. Dylans Southern MANNERS! Lordy how MERCY!!! Me personally i'm from the south born and raised and currently still here (South Carolina Suga') So when i hear Dylan say "No disrespect Ma'am but thats how i was raised" Yes i smiled and laughed and my heart filled with so much glee. So yes the Southern Drawl is a little 'deep' when it comes to Dylan. He says "His momma raised him Right"

But seriously. Yes this book is AHMAZIING.... And i would definitely recommend it toward anybody. 

There are some rape scenes in this book. So please read with caution. And its really not that easy to get thru. It was pretty hard to get thru. There are some Domestic Violence in this book as well that is really a big stand out also. So Please read the book with care. and don't take it lightly. There are some
real problems in here that females face every single day. 

But like Lily says in this book "Everyone deserves a happy ever after" 
Read the book you really will not be disappointed. Its a happy sad funny book. And i truly enjoyed it! 

Heres a quote that made me laugh out loud :) 
"Why are we at the Marina"---Aubrey.
"So we can find a f***ing Mermaid, Lets go"---Dylan

There are other cute little quotes but gotta say THAT ONE is one of my all time favorites!!

I received this book for my honest opinion !

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Who is your Favorite?!

So I posted this poll on twitter yesterday and i want to know. Who is your favorite? Mine hast to be Gideon Cross <3 Here are the books if youve forgotten any of them... I know how can you forget about any of these guys.....

Life on the Level: On the Verge book 3

Your daddy was a Poker player and he taught you EVERYTHING he knows! You are from New York and you have the best poker face there was known to mans kind. You can beat everyone and anyone. Its how you were raised. You was raised in bars and 'rooms that doesn't exist' and to top it off your a female. Blonde headed at that. One of the prettiest blondes at that. oh and did i mention that its natural at that?! 
Well that is River Thomas. Besides after Rivers dad dies everything crumples. She turns to Alcohol and finds her self in a very bad relationship. Everything seemed fine and then the worst happens, she gets thrown out of a window and theres a nasty scar because of the fall. And now she's running for her life, She escaped him, after she left one nasty scar on his face.
She finds her self in little ol Sun Valley, Montana where she checks into Rehab. But not before she Runs into a hottie that she never gets his name. She never tells him hers either. She has one last drink one last hoorah. Before she commits her self into Rehab. And then the unthinkable happens. Her last hoorah is well with her counselor and now she knows his name. HUTCH (His name even sounds hot doesn't it) And he knows hers, (River Thomas)
In this book there is so much drama that happens in this book. You fall in love with (most) of the characters and hate (some) of the characters. This book leaves no loose ends. Well maybe a few but i'm hoping some of them will find their way into a book somehow?! Maybe a update on River and Hutch :)
You will be like no way dude. And other times be like EWWW I HATE YOU!  and then theres the point where your like ok i know your going to show up. go ahead and show upalready. and then theres the point where you think No River your BETTER then that! Don't do it!!!  So yes theres ALOT of different emotions that goes thru this book. Theres ALOT of sweetness into it also. 

Would i Reread this book?! ABSOLUTELY.
Would i Recommend this book?! YES. matter of fact i recommend this book to YOU! So go get it. 

It releases On February 23, 2016. 
Heres a few more pictures from the author her self :) So enjoy !!! 

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Finley by ella frank

Title: Finley
Author: Ella Frank
Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 22nd, 2016
Cover Design by Jay Aheer at Simply Defined Art
It's time to come home, Finn. It’s been seven years since Daniel Finley left his hometown in Florida for the hustle and bustle of Chicago’s city life. Since then, he’s worked hard for his position at the prestigious law firm Leighton & Associates, even when it’s caused distance and isolation from his family and friends. But that’s all about to change. On his thirtieth birthday, he receives the one thing he never dared hope for. Something that was promised to him years earlier—a note. One simple sentence from the man he’s never been able to forget. Six words will forever change the course of their lives. Brantley Hayes has it all. Or so he thinks. When he first made the decision to take a job down in Florida, his family thought he was crazy. But, after years of living in the quiet beach town, he finally feels a sense of community. He’s surrounded himself with friends who are like family, has a job he loves, and owns a spectacular beachfront property that is his sanctuary. Yet he still feels unfulfilled, as if a piece of the puzzle is missing, and he knows exactly which piece it is. On an impulse, he follows through with a promise he made years earlier. A promise to call home the one he sent away. Nothing is as simple as it seems. After years of separation, the former lovers are reunited, but Brantley wasn’t expecting to encounter the high walls now guarding Daniel’s heart. Daniel may not be the same person he was when he left, but he knows that the first step to healing is the note in his hand.
Watch the Book Trailer!
About the Author
Ella Frank is the author of the #1 Bestselling Temptation series, including Try, Take, and Trust and is the co-author of the fan-favorite erotic serial, A Desperate Man. Her Exquisite series has been praised as “scorching hot!” and “enticingly sexy!” A life-long fan of the romance genre, Ella writes contemporary and erotic fiction and lives with her husband in Portland, OR. You can reach her on the web at and on Facebook at Some of her favorite authors include Tiffany Reisz, Kresley Cole, Riley Hart, J.R. Ward, Erika Wilde, Gena Showalter, and Carly Philips.
Connect with Ella Frank
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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Defiant by Scarlet Pierce

First off let me start by this: This book has ALOT of potential. I finished it because i wanted to know what happens. There are some good parts and some funny parts. Overall i did enjoy it. It intrigued me. 
Now on the review:)
I have never read about a man being so arrogant so cocky that I wanted to reach inside of my tablet and smack him and tell him to get over his self. Cliff is a multi millionaire who really is cocky. And in the beginning I could not stand him. I think I fell in love with club at the calf scene. And throughout the book he just got more sweeter. Katie is a woman who has a lot on her plate right now. She is a daddy's girl and unfortunately daddy is dying in the hospital with complications of his heart. Katie and cliff find each other in the worst of times or maybe it could the best of times, depending how you look at it.
Would i recommend this book- probably so.
Would i reread it?! I seriously doubt it. But like i said the story line is really good. 
I recieved this book for my honest review! 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Dirty by Kylie Scott Review

#dirty @kylie scott books #bookreview

First off I would like to say that when I first saw this book on Facebook I want to read it. The cover attracted me really big time. My first books by Kylie Scott was the stage dive series. So of course when I seen this book I really wanted to read it. And let me say that it does not disappoint.
Lydia is a woman who discovers that her fiance is gay and he is actually in a relationship with his best man. She actually found that out on her wedding day. So of course she does what any bride-to-be would do she takes off running. Sweet little Lydia breaks into a cottage not far from the wedding place and that's where she meets vaughn. Vaughn is a guy who owns the cottage and he so happens to just be in town or arrives a few minutes after Lydia arrives. He is there for her like no other person would be. And they become best friends.
The story is really good. Lydia is a comical person and so is Vaughn. There is some parts in this book that will make you laugh hysterically and there is a few that will actually make you tear up. And you get to get an update on the stage dive members if you've read that series.
The length of the story is two weeks but DO NOT let that fool you! Lydia and Vaughn goes through so much its kinda amazing what all they all go through. They have their own problems when they find each other and they are going through them.
Give the book a try. I am so excited for this series. In a way i am really looking forward to Erics book! He intrigues me, he truly does. But i promise you will fall in love with Lydia and Vaughn. They are truly great people !
I recieved this book for my honest review !

Debt by Nina G Jones

sales blitz
Book Title: Debt Author: Nina G. Jones Genre: Erotica Release Date: January 1, 2015 Hosted by: Book Enthusiast Promotions
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book blurb
I don't know what I was thinking when I hired someone to attack me. Maybe I was bored, or lonely, or there was a void so deep inside of me that I needed something explosive to fill it.
It was supposed to be safe. A thrill. A way to break through the monotony of everyday life. It was an illusion of danger that I could walk away from as soon as it was over. Except that it wasn't. Because I had been in danger long before I ever invited it into my life.
My mission is almost complete. The bubbling boil of vengeance that heats my blood might finally simmer.
She is the last piece of the puzzle. Once I destroy her, everyone who ever hurt me will have paid their debt. It was supposed to be quick and easy, but as soon as I met her it got complicated. Very complicated.
Debt Teasers
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meet the author
Nina G. Jones is the author of seven full length novels in various romance and erotica genres. You can learn more about her at or follow her on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook by searching Nina G. Jones.
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