Monday, March 28, 2016

Come by aya fukunishi

I want more of Connor and chastity, no scratch that I need more of Connor and Chasity!
This little novella is short and when I say short I mean short. Chastity gets invited to her mother's wedding and she forgets that it is also going to be her honeymoon. So she is stuck on an island, a very private excluded Island at that. And she gets to meet her hot-smoking stepbrother Connor. Connor is nothing but a Playboy and he basically has any pic of a girl that he wants. And since his daddy's marriage his mind has been stuck on sweet little chastity.
So that is the breakdown of the beginning of the story of Connor and Chastity's beginning. I do have some questions that's why I want and need more. Especially with that slip-up in the end. I need closure and this really wasn't it.
So would I reread the book? Probably not because of the ending and because the book is really short. 
 Do I recommend this book? Honestly yes I do. If you're looking for a short read and a little spice and a little taboo then this book is definitely for you!
I received this book for my honest review!!!