Saturday, March 5, 2016

His Secret Baby by Vanessa Waltz Review

Long lost childhood friends reunite after 15 years! 
Thats what happens with Christine and Thane. 
Imagine working in a sleazy ol bar as a waitress and thats only 1 of the 2 jobs you have to pay your overpriced apartment, after your boyfriend who called you boring left you two weeks ago... 
Now all you have is two jobs until someone from the Synidict comes and offers you a deal that you cant refuse. You date him and go out with him and be his and you'll never have to worry about a thing again. Everything goes well until two months later and he wants to MARRY YOU! Do you stay with him and fit into the no good for nothing Synidict or do you run after the ceremony because of course just that morning you find out your PREGNANT. Yup thats what happens to poor ol Christine.
 And Thane doesn't know until much much much later.....
So...what do i think about the book?! Well. i loved it! The events are pretty shocking. The details that goes into everything is truly amazing. You get to know all the characters and you love some and others you hate with a passion from the get go. 
There are sometimes you'll be like oooh i love her. and then others it'll be like 'Thane you better get that itch.' Yup. There are some you dont like from the beginning.
What shocked me the most is that Silas is brought up again in this book and at first i didnt like him but at the end i loved him. So it kinda confused me some but then i had to go about the first book again and reevaluate some incidents that happens in there. 
I loved how they intertwined together. And i'm really looking forward toward the next book!
I received a copy of the book for my honest review!