Friday, March 4, 2016

Love 'em by Kelley Harvey Book Review


A Book. A Bet. A Baby. 

Don’t bet on love, unless you’re playing to win. 
Jackson Tremaine, the prince of late-night talk shows, challenges me to a bet—live on national television. I'll be damned if I’ll lose to someone that rude, crude, and...unbelievably gorgeous. 
The rules are simple—prove that my self-help relationship guide can hook any man a woman wants. Jackson bets that I’m wrong, and I accept to protect my career from his quest for ratings. 
Hating Jackson is easy, but ignoring my feelings for my rival is impossible. One sexy night only leads to more mistakes. Suddenly, I’m pregnant, struggling to protect my career, and fighting my desire for the one man I should hate. 
I wrote the book on love…so why can’t I fall out of it with Jackson Tremaine? 

My Review! 

Ronnie and Jackson: Once couple that i did not see coming together if i'm truly honest.
Ronnie is a author who writes about love. She has this theory that she thinks women can use to capture the hearts of any man they want. 
Jackson is a TV host that lives in Hollywood who gets Ronnie and her best friend [She doesn't believe in love] on his show. And he gets them to do a bet. Ronnie has to find a guy make him fall in love with her and then her bff is to come in to sweep him off of his feet and get him to 'cheat' on Ronnie with her. 
Will things go her way?! or is Shay right that there is NO SUCH THING as TRUE LOVE?!
So This book is good. The storyline is truly great, and i enjoyed it. Ronnie and Jackson has this undeniable attraction that comes and they are truly a great couple. They try to deny it but to be honest i could tell from the beginning, their chemistry is THAT strong ! I absolutely LOVED IT ! 
And the things that they DO in their 'spare time' is truly different. The activities, my-o-my how mercy, have no words. 

So would i reread this book?! yes.
would i recommend this book?! ABSOLUTELY. 

I LOVE Mrs. Harveys books. This is the 3rd book that i've read from her and it doesn't disappoint !
I received this book for my honest review from the Author!