Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Till death us do part by Cristina Slough

Pardon me while I go sit and ball my eyes out! 
That's about the only thing I can say about this book! 
It is extremely emotional and it's very teary. 
The book overall was really good, I'm not to fond of how the story is told thou. But that's just me. 
Do I recommend this book?
Well that's a tricky question. The story is really good but the ending is really sad. You're heartbroken during the whole book and it's not one of them goody good toe warming romance book or novel. If you want a book that is I love that above then yes I recommend this book to you. But if you want to laugh and have a really good time and have butterflies in your stomach then no I don't. 
Would I reread this book ? No I will not it's too sad for me.

I received a copy of this book for my honest review.