Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Charged by Stephanie Brother

This book read way different then what i thought it was going to! But that really isnt a bad thing. Gracey is in her early twenties and she gets charged for murder for the murder of her stepfather, But everyone knows Sweet little Gracey didn't do it. She is the sanest of them off of her 2 other sisters and her dreadful mother.
She was the closest to her stepfather and well the purest. She is the one that does everything right and actually wants to go to college. One night when she is sitting beside of her stepfather a strange man comes in and says that he was business partners with Philip, her stepfather, and once Gracey tells him that her sisters and her mother is out 'celebrating' the alleged going to be death of her stepfather, Leighton runs to them. She goes to the decieving people and gets to know them. Pandora, Graceys oldest sister, wants Leighton pretty bad, But Leighton only has eyes of one of the sisters, Sweet little Gracey.
So what happens when Gracey gets pinned for Philips death?! Who believes shes innocent. And who and HOW is she going to get out of this mess?!
This story is interesting. It reads a little differently then what i'm youst to, but it IS doable! Its nothing out of character.
You get to find out what happens to Leighton and how Philip and Leightons momma meets and everything. At the end of the book, it catches you up on everybody, Including Leightons PA that you meet in the beginning of the book. This book leaves NO hangers whatSOever. I know Alot of books makes me mad because you want to know what happens to the other characters in the book, well this one doesn't do that!!
So would i reread this book?! Probably so.
Do I recommend it?! Yes i do. Its a cute little stepbrother romance read that sucks you in from the beginning and sometimes you want to sway but then she sucks you in again. The drama comes and it doesn't let up. SUCH A GOOD BOOK!
I received this book for my honest review.