Monday, March 28, 2016

Bodyguard by Tabitha Kiss

To need protection protection from an underground agency that is so top secret that nobody knows about it besides the government and the president himself. And the only reason you get the protection from them is because of your dear Stepbrother who used to be a part of them. But the thing is your daddy doesn't believe him so when they come for you again your brother takes you away for your own safety but guess what now there's a kidnapping reports going around saying that your step brother kidnapped you.
Okay so first this book is really good. When I read the title thought it was going to be just like any other stepbrother romance book and would be where the girl needed a bodyguard and your father or mother hired your step brother because he was a retired S.E.A.L.
So when I read the first few chapters of this book I was so excited that it was not like that it gave me hope for this book.
Dani is a top-notch movie star and everybody wants to be her. All of the guys want to date her and every female envys her. Dani hasn't heard from Fox in two years where he was killed in action or so that's what the service said anyways. But when events happen it grabs his attention and he comes running to Dani's side.
This book is different him let me tell you it is a good difference.
So would I reread this book?! Yes most definitely I love their story!
Do I recommend this book? Absolutely. If you've never read a stepbrother romance book and you really don't want it heavy then this is the book for you. Dani and fox met when Dani was 15 years old I believe so it's not like they grew up together they've been attracted to each other since theyve met. And that was December 24th 2007.
I received this book for my honest review.