Wednesday, December 27, 2017

AncordWorks Bluetooth shower speaker Review

Great sound. comes with silicone piece to stick to walls and well anything else it will stick to. comes with micro SD Card so you dont have to pair it to your device. Can download it there. 
Lou loves it. He uses it every time he showers and so does Sam. The sound is pretty clear and it goes up pretty loud ! 
Me personally im kinda excited to see how it will sound at the beach come next year! Comes with that silver clip, micro SD Card and the flashdrive so you can download the music to the SD Card. And is light as a feather, literally!  i think the package said it was 14 oz. 

When i first seen this speaker, Army quality is what i thought of. It look tough built, and it is tough built. My little brother has dropped this thing many many times and it seems like its holding up pretty good. 

Three weeks later and we still use this quite a bit. Whether its in the shower, sitting outside on the screen porch- this thing has tooken over my big monster bluetooth radio- or just sitting at the kitchen table with it on while im working on a vinyl project. It has really came in handy and very very very portable! This is deff a 5 star for me ! 

Buy here :: [time of posting $29.99 plus free shipping]

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Sinco Electric Toothbrush Review

bzz bzz bzz.
When i first put the tooth brush in my mouth i took it right back out. It tickled my tongue like crazy. so i did have to get youst to the vibration. The sizes of the brushes that came with it is on the smaller side, So it is the perfect size for a womans mouth or a childs. The bristols are really soft, softer then other electronic toothbrushes. Another issue that i seen was that the vibration is really really loud. but with the powerful vibration i really dont expect any less.
The stand for the tooth brush is also its charger ! Which i thought was pretty cool. And it has two little knobs on the base to hold the extra brush heads so you won't loose them. They are snugly fit. Which i think will come in handy.
All in all i would give it a 3 out of 5 stars. The bristols and how hard the vibration is played alot into it. If there are other brushes that can go with this tooth brush then id deff go with a 4 out of 5. But for now its a 3.
Check out my before and after photos
That stain on my tooth has been there forever and i could never get it off. There is no stain now! And that was after just one brush. Im excited to see what my teeth looks like after a week of brushing with this tooth brush. So i will be updating in about a week :)

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

VelloStar Liquid Chalk Marker Review

When i opened this up i had no idea that it would write so smooth. I had no idea that my brothers and 2 neighborhood kids would actually like to shake them up to get them to work. And i really had no idea that you could color leaves with them.
Them are just some of the things that i did no know about with this product. I seen liquid Chalk Marker and thought "great thing to test out to no let my brothers get chalky" But this product does sooo much more then just on the sidewalk.
It does plastic, phone cases, chalkboards, side walks, glass, windows, it does just about everything except the walls, and thats only because i didnt want to draw on the walls. 
And to clean it off you just get a baby wipe or something that is wet and just wipe it off. Its a really easy cleanup. 
Out of this product i give it a 4 out of 5 stars. And the reason is because i didnt think it would take so long to get the ink down to the bottom of the tip. But im sure my brothers and the neighborhood kids would easily give it a 5 star hands down!

Click here to purchase the product!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Deeper by Jennifer Michael blitz

Release Blitz 


Author: Jennifer Michael

Cover Designer: Letitia Hasser | RBA Designs

Release Date: July 13, 2017

Small towns are supposed to be safe—home to idealistic neighborhoods, free from the ugly that taints the world. Evil has no bounds though, no matter how high your white picket fence stands. Maplefield is perfect on the outside but corrupt and twisted within.Rylan Pierce and Callen Bailer meet at a club the community doesn’t speak about. Rylan is running from her past, but baggage like hers isn’t easy to just leave behind. Callen lives life on the road, traveling wherever he’s contracted and doing whatever necessary to finish the job, regardless of how illegal or deadly.Lust drives them together, but depravity cements their bond. Two people with tarnished souls will either bring each other light or pull one another deeper into the darkness.

*WARNING* Deeper is a standalone, dark romance that contains strong sexual themes, extreme violence, and explicit language. The scenes containing these triggers are intensely graphic and very detailed. The themes of death/murder, abuse (both physical and sexual), and child neglect/abuse are heavily present within this novel. This is not a thin warning or a light read.


Drink. Drank. Drunk. Hours later, more than a few drinks deep and varying amounts of money lost and won, the three of us stand in the lobby of the main floor of the hotel. Tatum hiccups and then clumsily covers her mouth. Rylan attempts to scare her to force the hiccups away. It doesn’t work, and the two of them just end up in a fit of giggles. “Where’s the room key?” Tatum searches her purse. “I can’t find it.” “I’ll find mine,” Rylan says. She begins to search, but I speak up, “Neither of you needs your room key.” “Oh no, you don’t, mister.” Tatum squints her eyes at me. “You might have defended my honor tonight, but I am not joining your little sex games. I’m going to my own room. Rylan can go where she wants.” “Tatum doesn’t want you, but I do! Your penis is like magic,” Rylan chimes in, her voice echoing throughout the hotel. “I’ll remember you said that tomorrow when your smart mouth comes back, but I’m not trying to arrange a threesome. I upgraded your room when I got here. There is a two-bedroom suite upstairs, waiting for all of us.” Rylan takes Tatum’s elbow and heads for the elevator, but Tatum drags her drunken feet. “Can you just do that? Change our room reservations without us being there?” Tatum pokes me in the chest. “Probably not, but I’m more persuasive than most.” “I bet you are.” She glares at me with drunken eyes and doesn’t even notice that I’ve backed her into the waiting elevator. “What about our bags?” Tatum asks through a hiccup as the doors slide shut. “The hotel staff moved them up to our new room.” Rylan is quiet as we ride, and when the doors open, she and Tatum follow me down the hall and watch as I swipe the card through the lock. Tatum rubs her eyes and sways on her feet. “Where’s my room?” she asks as she trips through the main room. I offer her my arm, which she takes, and I lead her into the second bedroom. She dives headfirst into the bed without even bothering to remove her shoes. Her crazy headband shifts awkwardly on her head. Her breathing deepens, and I return to Rylan in the main room. She stumbles, toeing off her shoes, but keeps removing clothing. Her shirt flies over her head. She shimmies out of her jeans and then turns my way as she struggles to unclasp her bra. “Don’t just stand there! Help me! I want that magic penis, and I want it now.” “Careful, or you might just make a man feel objectified.” “Shut up and touch me.” She finally gets her bra unclasped, and it slides off her body. Her panties are next, but she trips while stepping out of them. Her hair falls into her face, but she doesn’t bother to try to fix it as she kicks the material from her ankles. She’s kind of a mess, which only amplifies as she lies down and attempts to spread her legs my way. “I want you to fuck me right here on the floor.” “You only want it right there, on the floor, because you can’t make it to the bedroom.” “Semantics.” I laugh. I am so not getting laid tonight. No sex in this fancy hotel room. I move forward and lift Rylan. Her arms swing around my neck, and she grumbles into my chest as I walk her to the bedroom, “Oh, shit.” Her nails grip my neck, and she sucks in a deep breath. “Too fast. You’re making my head spin.” “Sorry, Little Bird.” Her skin is flush, her hair is a rumpled mess, and her eyes lazily stare up at me as I place her in the center of the bed. Even unfocused, those hazel eyes burn with nothing but heat. Against my better judgment, my cock gets a little harder. It’s inevitable when she’s naked and looking at me like she is. “I want you, Callen.” She pulls at my shirt. “Not tonight, babe.” “You’re no fun!” She rises from the bed and staggers to the bathroom. “Are you okay?” I ask, afraid that I’ll be cleaning up her vomit in the next few minutes. “I have to pee!” I give her privacy but listen in case she’s actually going to get sick. Water starts to run in the bathroom, and when I look to see what’s going on, I find her standing by the tub, which is rapidly filling with water. “Oh no, you don’t.” I move to grab her by the hips, but it only works against me when she grinds her ass into me. “Have you seen this bathroom? Take a look at this tub!” “Rylan, you’re drunk. The odds of you drowning in that tub are high.” “Come in with me then. I won’t drown if you keep me safe.” I’m not the man to keep anybody safe. She kisses my neck and pulls at my clothing. While I’m distracted, Rylan successfully removes my shirt and gets to work on my jeans. I lean in and taste the skin that taunts me. She moans while I kiss along her throat, and my pants fall to my feet. The hot water filling the tub creates steam around us. Rylan pulls back and licks her lips. “Get in the tub with me.” Her voice is authoritative, but her eyes and lips say, Please. I step out of my jeans and pull my boxer briefs off. “Let’s get in.” The tub is huge and can easily fit the both of us comfortably. I get in first and let the hot water wash over me. She follows and sits between my legs. Her head falls back on my chest, and she lets her eyes close. “Oh, fuck, that’s good,” she mumbles. I can’t help myself. My hands rub against her skin, and Rylan moans. When my cock hardens against her ass, I let out a groan of my own. “I think I’m too drunk to fuck you right now.” I laugh. “You are.” “This feels really good, though. Keep touching me.” My fingers rake up her thigh and then brush against her stomach. I touch up and down her skin, causing the water to ripple and stir. “Where did you grow up?” “Nevada,” I answer her with the truth without even considering a lie. Rylan holds on to the outside of my thighs, and we sink lower into the water. “Why did you leave?” “I don’t think I’m really meant to stay in one place for too long.” “Do you miss it? Home?” “Not in the least. Nevada isn’t my home.” Again, the truth comes, and it feels strange. I have spent the last ten years spinning lies and hiding who I am. “Do you have family?” “No.” I hand her another truth. “Me neither. My family was taken from me years ago.” Her words come out in a faint whisper. “What do you mean?” But nothing, except for silence, stretches between us. I jostle Rylan, and she lets out a soft, little snore. As gently as I can, I stand while making sure she doesn’t sink down into the water. I lift her into my arms, carry her soaking wet body into bed, and then grab two towels to dry us. Once she’s dry, I pull the covers over her before sliding into bed. She cuddles in closer to me when I kiss her forehead, and I close my eyes. I was going to prove I didn’t need the club to get Rylan off, but instead, I think we’ve proven it isn’t just the getting off that we like about one another. That’s a sobering fucking thought. 


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“Honest” by Kodaline “Lies” by The Black Keys “Scars” by Michael Malarkey “Seek & Destroy” by Metallica “Dust to Dust” by The Civil Wars

“Good-bye, Stranger” by Supertramp

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“Fade to Black” by Metallica

As a child, Jennifer Michael dreamed of being an author. Life and adulting eventually pushed that dream down to a mere fantasy, which was where it stayed for years. Then, through a stroke of luck and a Kindle, she found the indie romance world, and the dream that was long ago deemed unattainable became a reality. Writing fulfills pieces of her she lost long ago. Jennifer writes stories that range from sweet and sultry to dark and daring. Behind her computer, she’s constantly dreaming up where she’ll go, what new characters she’ll meet along the way, and what genre she will concur next. From her house in southwest Florida, she spends far too much time wishing she were at the beach with a good book. She’s an avid reader of fiction, but is a huge fan of gritty stories with deep emotion or dark twisty plot twists. She’s also known to indulge in guilty pleasure television shows. She gets sucked into the world of characters from all mediums. She loves to hear from her readers so make sure to check her out on social media. 

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Other books by Jennifer


Our tribe dare by Jettie Woodruff cover reveal

We all need a little help now and then, someone to push us out of our comfort zones. If you’re ready to move into the next chapter of your life and live on purpose then jump in with both feet, open your mind, and get ready to be unapologetically you. This is a thirty day dare with daily tools to help you move into the great you. Change happens when change happens, but you have to take the first step. You can’t start a new chapter if you don’t turn the page. Grab a friend for this journey and find your drive together. The only thing you’ll need is an open mind, the paperback, a special journal, or a plain old notebook, and the determination to change. I wish you all the love, luck, and happiness in the world. Let’s do this!

UK: dp/B073TQP7GK
AU:…/ dualbookshelf.marketpla…/ B073TQP7GK

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Daddy Games by JB duvane

Two dominant men.
Hundreds of submissive women.
A kinky, x-rated reality show.
The only word to describe it?



The three of us are college buddies.
Equal partners in a multi-million dollar business.
Until one runs off with everything.
The other one has an idea.
How we can get some money fast.
It involves a live-streamed competition.
A lot of naked girls.
And sex.
It also involves Aubrey.
The daughter of another college buddy.
I don't want to admit to myself how much I want her.
But now that she's here, and she's in the contest...
she's mine.


After being dumped by my boyfriend for not letting him take my v-card,
I need a change.
I want a man who will make me want to submit to him.
Make me want to give it all up for him.
But first, I need to figure out who I am,
and what I want.
I entered The Daddy Games for the money,
and to find out if being a sub is really me.
What I didn't know was how much I would love it.
Or how far I would go to win.

If you don't like foul language, don't read this book.

If you don't like gratuitous adult content, don't read this book.

If you don't want to read about one woman and two men getting nasty and filthy and having an awesome time together,
absolutely do not read this book.
The Daddy Games is a very steamy romance novel of 52k words. Some scenes are dark and may not be suitable for everyone.
As a bonus, Filthy Cam Girl is included for a short time.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Whispered Prayers of a girl blitz

Release Blitz
Title: Whispered Prayers of a girl
Author: Alex Grayson
Cover Desginer: Cover Me Darling
Cover Model: BT Urruela
Release Date: July 10, 2017
  A tortured soul meets a damaged family… A lonely man, a widowed woman, a carefree boy, and a broken girl… Can the four come together and help heal each other? Or will fear of the unknown and guilt about the past keep them apart?   Her whispered prayers break her... At night, as she’s drifting off to sleep, I press my ear to the door and listen to her heart-wrenching pleas. Her words are agony to my healing heart, but I cherish the sound of them, for that’s the only time I ever hear my beautiful daughter speak. Since her father died two years ago, she’s grown quiet and withdrawn. Cat’s Valley was to be our new beginning, a place where my family and I can heal, but what we find there is so much more.   Scars mar his body. Pain has left him in pieces… Four years ago, I lost the two things I cherished most in the world. They were ripped from my arms in the most painful and cruel way. Since then, I’ve kept to myself, preferring to stay away from the pitying looks and murmured rumors. Everything changed when she and her children barged into my life. It was an accident, and I don’t deserve them, but now that they’re here, I’m not sure I can let them go.  
 JUST LIKE LAST NIGHT, I walk silently down the hallway until I make out the murmured whispers from a girl begging God to bring her father back. I gently lay my hand on the door and listen as she slowly melts my heart until it’s a puddle at my feet. My chest aches with the need to walk in there and take away her pain. I’ve never heard such tortured words before. The pain that comes from them is overwhelming and unbearable. Even my own immense pain from losing the ones I loved can’t compare to this. This girl’s pain is so much more. My head falls forward, and I pull in a deep breath to steady my heartbeat. It’s been quiet for several moments, and I know she’s finished. I let my hand fall from the door, and I walk down the hallway back to the living room. I drop to the cushion and let my head fall in my hands. They’re leaving tomorrow. The sun is coming out and the temperatures are supposed to be in the lower fifties, much higher than it’s been in days. The snow won’t melt in one day, but it’ll be enough to let the road crew get to the fallen tree and her truck. My call earlier tonight to Travis confirmed they’ll be working on the roads tomorrow. I’m not ready. It’s unreasonable and irrational, but I don’t want them to leave yet. I’m not ready to give up Daniel’s buoyant behavior or Kelsey’s quiet and depressed mannerisms. I’m not ready to give up Gwen’s giving and resilient personality. I want to keep them here. With me. They’ve brought so much light into my life since they’ve been here, and I want to keep it for a while longer. Which means they need to leave as soon as possible, before my dark world rubs off on them. I want to be selfish and harbor that light, but I won’t. What hurts the most was the dejected look on Daniel’s face when Gwen informed him and Kelsey they’ll be leaving tomorrow. What surprised me was the morose look on Kelsey’s. That girl and her sad eyes have me wrapped around her little finger. And the boy…. Everyone should have a Daniel in their lives. Gwen tried cheering the two up with promised visits to all their friends once the roads were clear enough for it, but I could tell it didn’t work. I could also tell it wasn’t working for Gwen herself. She tried to hide it, I’m not sure if it was just from the kids or from me too, but I know she doesn’t want to leave either. The four of us, in a matter of days, have become close, formed a bond of a sort. And that right there is another reason they need to leave. I can’t let that continue. It’s not something I deserve. It’s something they need to form with a man who’s worthy. A man who will be there for them always. A whole man, not one who’s only half of himself. I give my hair one good pull, letting the pain push away the unwanted feelings, before releasing it with a muted growl. I’m pissed at myself for wanting something I shouldn’t. This family is too good for me. I couldn’t even protect my own when they needed me. How could this family be any different? I refuse to take that chance. I lie back against the cushion and force thoughts of Gwen and her two kids away, and instead let my own demons take over. Closing my eyes, I let the screams of pain and fear flood my mind, reminding me why Gwen, Kelsey, and Daniel are better off without me in their lives. 
Alex Grayson is the bestselling author of heart pounding, emotionally gripping contemporary romance including the Jaded Series, the Consumed Series, and two standalone novels. Her passion for books was reignited by a gift from her sister-in-law. After spending several years as a devoted reader and blogger, Alex decided to write and independently publish her first novel in 2014 (an endeavor that took a little longer than expected). The rest, as they say, is history. Originally a southern girl, Alex now lives in Ohio with her husband, two children, two cats and dog. She loves the color blue, homemade lasagna, casually browsing real estate, and interacting with her readers. Visit her website,, or find her on social media!  
Connect with Alex:
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Dare me by Joanna Blake blitz.

Release Blitz
Title: Dare Me
Series: Rock Gods
Author: Joanna Blake
Release Date: June 30, 2017
I've got fame and fortune in spades - and I don't mind using them to get what I want: HER. Little Miss Thing has no idea the WILD RIDE I've got planned for her. I'm kind of a big deal. As in, everyone on the planet knows who I am, and they have since I was fifteen. You'd think that doing whatever I want, not to mention the constant stream of women, would be pretty fun. And they were. For a while. But now I've seen it all - and it's enough to make a man pretty jaded. When there's a human stampede outside my concert, I jump out of my car to help. That's before I see the girl who nearly got trampled - the tiny, young, adorable superfan. So I invite her backstage... and before I know it, I'm inviting her to Vegas for a night of hard partying -- and hopefully more. She's even more innocent than she looks, and I end up taking a cold shower. The last thing I expect is for her to sneak out the morning after. No matter what I do, I can't get this girl out of my head -- her smart mouth, her huge blue eyes, and those crazy curves of hers are my own personal kryptonite. The fact that she doesn't fawn all over me just adds fuel to my fire. I'll do anything it takes to win her - even pull out the old-school romance. Jewelry? Check. Roller coaster ride at 4am? Check. Following her across the country like a Goddamn puppy dog? Check. This girl is gonna be MINE. This book was previously released under the same title. It has been extensively rewritten and expanded. It's a light and sweet story with a guaranteed HEA and not even a hint of you-know-what! Enjoy! Xoxox, Joanna 
Joanna Blake loves good old fashioned romance, men who open doors and work with their hands. Hot Blooded Heroes is a series of sizzling stories about True Blue American men and the women who love them. She's thrilled to be collaborating with Pincushion Press on her new series! Come along for the ride! XoX, Joanna
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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Body Lock by Kimmie Easley

Dakota and Ford.
After Dakotas boyfriend passes away she goes after something more to give her mind a rest from life. She decides to join a gym to get her adreniline pumping, She just wants to be able to feel alive again. But she finds herself on the outside of a MMA gym. She learns that it has the kick that she wants out of life again. And well she has the perfect trainer to take her every step of the way to become the great person that she was before the tragedy happen. So what happens when everything goes sour?! Well you have to read the book to find out.
This book is rather short, just like every other kimmie easleys books are. But you will be hooked from the beginning. You will see just how cute this couple is. Especially when Dakota tries to push him away because shes scared to get close to anyone again, but this is deff a good read! Its short but oh so good!

buy the book.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Secret Love by Isabella White

Holly and Jake.
Ok so if you read Imperfect Love, you know that Jake wanted nothing to do with Holly and their baby. and you know that Their baby has turned into babies! Thats right Holly had twins. And you got so mad at Jake at the end of Imperfect Love because you just don't know how he could do that to Holly, the love of his life.
But what happens when Holly goes to Downsend for a internship to become the best cardiac doctor she could become to make a better life for her and her little girl, Jamie? Especially since her best friend, Rodney, is interning with Jake at P&E Hospital?! How is that going to turn out?
Will Jake ever know about Jamie and Romalia? Will Rodney every slip and tell Jake about how some douchebag left his best friend pregnant 5 years ago?! The questions are endless and they are all answered in this book. Some questions you didnt even know you had, will get answered in this book.
Yes it took forever for this book to come out, but honestly, i don't think she could have published this book sooner then rather later. This book is deff a 5 star rating! Took me three days to read it, and i loved every single bit of it. This is deffniately a must read for me! Especially if you loved Imperfect Love.
I believe this is a 4 book series. and well luckly this book does not leave in a cliffhanger! So that is deff a plus. Now to see what the next book holds, whenever that book is released!

want to buy the books?
Imperfect Love
Secret Love
Author Facebook page
Author Good Reads page

Monday, April 10, 2017

Tasting Los Angeles by Kimmie Easley

Tori and Cole. 
Tori is a girl who moved to LA to get away from some drama that was goin on in her life. Cole is a guy who is man candy but he only wants one girl, and well that girl is Tori the girl who lives just down the hall from him in his apartment building. But Tori wont even give him the time of day because of his occupation. But is there more to that occupation?! Is he the playboy she thinks he is?! well gotta read it to find out. I promise you wont be disappointed.
So with the review! 
Kimmie is a wonderful author, not one of her books has ever disappointed me and well with Tasting LA, she delivered it again. The book might be one of her short stories like the other 3 but there is so much stuff that happens in it that it feels like a full length novel. Its packed with adventure and well you get to fall in love with the characters just like you do in full length novels. 
If youve never gave Ms Easley some of your time i strongly suggest it. 
I received a copy of this book for my honest review!