Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Dirty by kylie scott promotion

Are you ready to get Dirty?  

Dirty is Book One in Kylie Scott’s Dive Bar Series releasing April 19th!

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Ok so first off i would like to say that i have already posted this review! But since this is the promotion that i am posting for it Here it is again :) 
First off I would like to say that when I first saw this book on Facebook I want to read it. The cover attracted me really big time. My first books by Kylie Scott was the stage dive series. So of course when I seen this book I really wanted to read it. And let me say that it does not disappoint.
Lydia is a woman who discovers that her fiance is gay and he is actually in a relationship with his best man. She actually found that out on her wedding day. So of course she does what any bride-to-be would do she takes off running. Sweet little Lydia breaks into a cottage not far from the wedding place and that's where she meets vaughn. Vaughn is a guy who owns the cottage and he so happens to just be in town or arrives a few minutes after Lydia arrives. He is there for her like no other person would be. And they become best friends.
The story is really good. Lydia is a comical person and so is Vaughn. There is some parts in this book that will make you laugh hysterically and there is a few that will actually make you tear up. And you get to get an update on the stage dive members if you've read that series.
The length of the story is two weeks but DO NOT let that fool you! Lydia and Vaughn goes through so much its kinda amazing what all they all go through. They have their own problems when they find each other and they are going through them.
Give the book a try. I am so excited for this series. In a way i am really looking forward to Erics book! He intrigues me, he truly does. But i promise you will fall in love with Lydia and Vaughn. They are truly great people !
I received this book for my honest review !