Tuesday, March 15, 2016

One of the Guys by Shiloh Walker

I love this book! One of the main reasons is because i am so much like the girl its not even funny ! I am 'one of the guys' I would rather be in a tshirt and a pair of jeans and i honestly HATE to do my hair and makeup.(right now it is highlighted but that took me 3 years to go thru with it) So yes. Thats one of the reasons why i love this book. Me and her we CLICKED. Theres not many books where i click with the female but this one. Very much so! 
So. Janie. Shes a girl who finds out that her fiance is in the bed with his best friend and a girl from college that she despises. Her fiance comes over and tells her some very hateful stuff that well provokes her of being herself. Like one of it is 'You don't even know how to act like a woman' not the exact same words but you get my drift. Its pitiful. Janie is a Tomboy with some BIG boobs lol. She tells you all about them in the book. But She is a girl who is a Tomboy. She knows how to throw a right hook, knows how to relax in a pair of jeans and a tshirt. She doesn't spend hours trying to dress up for a guy, she relaxes, and shes herself.
Brian is her sisters best friends big brother. And well they finally notice each other after an incident in the bathroom after the stuff went down with Janie and her Ex-fiance. Brian is a Vet who has always looked out for Kate, his sister, and her best friend Janie. From Childhood to College, and now in adult hood. After one night of pure sexual bliss with no strings or emotions attached, things turn for Brian and Janie. Can they ever be just friends again, or will things drive them apart for the worst, or does it drive them closer for the best. 
This book has ALOT of 'real life' situations that can actually happen. Some you really don't want to happen but there are some that does happen in real life. 
In the beginning of the book you find out about a situation that happens at a collage Guys Frat Party involving Janie and her fiance and things doesn't seem right from there.
So This book. Well its great ! I loved it. 
So would i reread it again?! probably not, only because its such a short read. And things moves just a little fast, which is a good thing since the book is only about 113 pages.
but would i recommend it?! Absolutely 
I received this book for my honest review !