Monday, March 14, 2016

Wanted dead or alive by Alyssa Alpha

That ending! Omgoodness. I need to know more about dexter hart! 
Ok. So you go into a town where you run from to look for your sister. You run out of gas thou and well go into one sleazy bar to rest. Your sleep and you get woken up by guy named dexter hart. You feel things that you didn't even know existed from first sight. And kind of found out has a convicted murderer and he is on the Run for a murder that he did not do. He invites you to his room because seriously you have nowhere to go and his place is the only way to go. Will things turn out for the best or for the worst? And do you ever find your sister who could be in a lot of trouble from what you heard.
So the storyline is really good and I am really glad I finished it. At first I really didn't think I would because of how some of it was written because they had to go back and Time for Dreams and stuff. But overall the story is really good the characters are amazing and the ending makes me want more of Dexter Hart. There just has to be another sequence to it or something I need closure.
So what I recommend this book? Absolutely it was a really good book.
What I reread this book? Probably so. 
I received this book for my honest review.
The book has been Rewritten under Alyssa other Arthur's pen name. The title of this book is now Outlaws baby by Marci Fawn. The characters names are different but the story remains about the same.