Monday, April 11, 2016

Without Me by Chelle Bliss

Anthony and Max.
Anthony, Hes the Gallo who doesn't want a relationship, he only does one night stands and really does not want any relationships at all. And then comes along Max.
Max is a woman who doesn't want to get into a relationship because well she's just scared of what the future holds. One of her relatives lived with the disease and she seen the damage and the ache that they lived with. She did not want to put a guy in that kind of predictament.
So When Anthony comes along Max tries to go without him but their one occasion has been stuck in her mind.
Anthony does everything he can to persuade Max saying everything is going to be ok.
This book is so sweet and so sad at the same time.
Through out this book you will find yourself crying at the sad times and tearing up at the really happy parts. 
So would i reread this book?! Well Yes !
Do i recommend this book?! Absolutely. The whole series is great.