Monday, April 25, 2016

Perfectly Loved by Lacey Silks

Dave and Millie.
This is my 3rd book i've read from Lacey Silks. And it was not disappointing! I loved it.
The drama, the story. The story was amazing. Dave is a guy who has been in love with Millie since He was 17 years old. He comes from a, i dont want to say rich, but they were pretty well taken care of. Millie on the other hand was a foster child, went from home to home until Daves family took her in at 17 years old. After they graduated they had a pretty good life. And suddenly Milles just gets up and leaves. Why, who knows. but all that gets answered in this wonderful book. 
There is a Novella that is the first book in this book/series. But i did not read it. It catches you up pretty quick. And it goes back and forth from teenage to present day. But its nothing that you can't follow.

So would i reread this book?! yes.
Do i recommend this book?! Absolutely. 

I recieved a copy of this book for my honest review !

Promise Quote!
  • I promise to get made. I promise to make mistakes. I promise not to look or act perfect all the time. I promise to argue and to scream. I promise to tell you when you're not only wrong but also right. I promise to do and say stupid things i cannot explain. I promise to test your patience. I also promise to be real and honest. I promise to hug you whenever i can. I promise to stand by your side, to trust you, support you and believe in you. i promise to love you as perfectly as i can, forever.