Wednesday, April 13, 2016

That Nanny with the Skull tattoos by Elizabeth Barone

Such a good book! 
Ok so. Imagine your a single father to a almost 3 year old. Your babys mother doesn't want anything to do with her or you and she even wanted to abort your daughter while she was pregnant with her, you step up and take along full responsibility, get full custody over the little one and all. And right now you are living at home, working at a music store for income, and on top of them 2 duties that you have you are also going to college full time to become a teacher. 
Well and then suddenly out of nowhere your mother tells you that her and your father came to a conclusion that it is time for you to spread your wings and fly, you have one month to move out, thats right they are kicking you AND your daughter out.
So this story is told in 'narrative' person [forgot what person that is] its not really hard to read because of it but it does make it interesting. 
Some parts of the story will make you happy, sad, and then others you just want to punch the characters that makes you mad. [Theres a couple of those moments]
Savannah is a woman who loves kids, she lies to get the nanny position but she does awesome at watching Chloe. She teaches Chloe and her daddy about their heritage that he really did not care to learn. 
This book is really interesting i truly enjoyed it! 
Do i recommend this book? YES ! Absolutely. It is intriguing and captures you at the beginning of the book and she keeps you there.
Would i reread this book?! Most likely yes. like i said, she kept you interested in the book and well there is just so much stuff that goes on in this book that it keeps you guessing. 

 What i do wish about this book thou, you see the story from Maxs POV. I wish we could have got a glimpse of Savannahs, especially in some of the scenes. Whats goin on in her head and well get to know her just a little bit more.

I Received a copy of this book for my honest and complete review!