Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Anyone He Wants by Lucy Lambert

Charlie and Alex.
Alex is a bachelor who is billionaire. He has a fling with his secretary for months, if not years. Well that is until he does something called "CEO-in-residence" to get some good PR for his image. While he does his CEO-In-Residence he meets this teacher named Charlie Morgan, thats who hes doing his little study with. 
Charlie is a teacher who loves and cares deeply for her students. Everyone says to give up on them but Charlie is different, she doesn't listen, she still loves and cares for her students. 
Charlie has a big ol heart. I love that about her. She is truly a one of a kind teacher. She is also facing a brokenheart after her boyfriend dumped her thru text 6 months ago, YES SIX MONTHS AGO. She has that text message saved into her phone....
So This book. Well i can say that is a one of a kind. I haven't read anything like this story. Its captivating and captures you in the beginning. I truly loved it!
So would i reread this book YES absolutely. I loved Charlies and Alex story !
Do i recommend this book?? Absolutely!