Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Arrogant Neighbor by Kira Ward

Sloan and Major.
Sloan is a woman who just graduated collage and moved into her own apartment because she was tired of being smothered, she wanted out of her mothers house she wanted her own rules. But what she doesnt expect was a whole bunch of drama in the first two days. From her car, to her noisy neighbor, to a guy she's been dating for a little under the first week. Things are hective. And well things are different then what she expected. She doesn't expect so much drama when she moved out of her mommas house.
Major, hes a retired Navy Seal, got discharged 5 years ago and is now living in a run down beautiful Victorian style house that is an apartment that houses 3 attendants. He's a freelance Architect and well he's doing great with his life, the only thing is that he is a full time partier when he's not working. He brings girls home and then takes them home the same night.
Well one night, Sloans first night in the apartments, He does the same thing, brings the girl home then takes her home, and someone complains about all the noise. Yup Sloan calls, and well Major had no clue he was getting another neighbor. They meet and they are literally not the best of friends. but things are there they can't ignore just won't voice.
So with the review :)
Like i said this book is beautifully written, I have always loved Kira Wards books! And i believe this one is her best one yet. It took me about 4 hours to read this book, so yes its a very fast read, it sucks you in from the beginning and your their from the beinning to the end! 
So would i reread this book!? Absolutely. i loved Sloan and Majors story.
Do i recommend this book?! YES!! I believe that if you love a good romance story where the main characters hate/try to ignore each other then yes i believe this book is for you! 
I received a copy of this book for my honest review!