Thursday, April 21, 2016

Go Long by Joanna Blake

Kyle and Belinda.
What a sweet couple!
Ok so Kyle just got discharged from the Marines and now he's going to collage. His tour guide, Belinda is a sweet innocent young woman who is just the girl who is soft on the eyes, and well, she's a sweet little Red head. Her momma and daddy doesn't let her date, she is to do class, then work, and then come straight home.
Well lets just say thats not what happens.What happens is well, she gets some 'alone time' with The hot stud muffin, Kyle.
When Kyle joins the football team, the coach decides to take him home, and to introduce his family to his new QB, the coach has just ONE rule.... DON'T FLIRT WITH HIS DAUGHTER. Well you've guessed it, the daughter is the sweet little Red head, Belinda.
So what happens after that. What happens when Belinda finds her self in a tight spot and things are just not goin her way, she has a future with school, theres no going back on her 'mistakes' but who will be there when her 'mistake' is out in the open. Will she have the support group that she so desperately need or will everybody just run away, turn their back on her because well, Sweet little Belinda has 'ruined' her familys name, or well thats what Her parents thing anyways.
This book is sweet,
its a fast read but not to fast. You learn some 'interesting' stuff in this book, 'medical, along with other area stuff' But this book is fascinating. This is about the 5th book i've read from Mrs.Blake and well she didn't disappoint in her writing. I have enjoyed her books ever since i seen the 'sponsored' tabs on facebook. Her covers are 'wheww i need a napkin' lol but seriously, none of her books disappoint. Its a good one.

So would i reread this book?! absolutely.
Do i recommend this book?! YES. if you love a good sports romance, but its not ALL ABOUT the sports, then this book is for you! I loved how Kyle was a marine, and now he's a collage football star. Its pretty awesome. I mean who doesn't love a good marine/sport romance book :)
I received this book for my honest review!!