Friday, April 22, 2016

Arrested by Stephanie Brother

Cory and Allyson!
Cory is a cop. And Allyson is well, the damsel in distress. Not really but it seems like it. Her exboyfriend is the WAYBEYOND controlling type and he still wants to be with her so things go to the extreme when it comes to Drew [her ex]
Cory is the sweet, alpha male cop. He has a pair of handcuffs and he knows how to use it. [sorry] yeah no im really not] But anywho, he meets Allyson when she leaves a frat party and shes speeding so he pulls her over of course, Things are funny at this scene. This scene could really be a book its self, or well a fun short story anyways<3
Allyson, is like i said, the woman who is trying to get away from her controlling ex. He has some leverage on her during a 'weak moment' in her life. So things are a little hard to 'stay away'. but ever since she got pulled over by the hot officer she can not stop thinking about him, she starts having fantasies and well, things are tough to forger. And then one night she goes to dinner with her mother to meet her future stepfather, and guess who shows up as his son, youve guessed it, Cory.
What happens after that dinner?! I mean its the first time they've seen each other since that night she was speeding, flirting, weapon search. So yeah it gets busy in that scene [my favorite scene in the book!]
So this book, its different. it is a fast read. It gets your attention from the beginning and well, you're hooked in the book until you finish it.
It ended much sooner than i thought it would be [didnt expect it to come with another book] so when i did reach the epilogue, i was a little disappointed but thats only because i couldnt prepare myself 'hey the book is about to end' ritual.
So. would i reread this book?! thats really a maybe, kinda yes, kinda no. The way it ended was great, it left me with wanting more of the characters. 
Do i recommend this book?! I say yes. there is a kidnapping scene in this book. but its not over the top. Its doable thou.
I received a copy of this book for my honest review!!!