Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Wild Aces by Marni Mann

The Synoposis::

Wild Aces is a standalone, full-length contemporary erotic romance novel from the bestselling author of the Unblocked Series.
He didn't beat me because he thought I looked at his daughter. He beat me because he could. Because I needed his house and his food and his so-called care. Because I wouldn't fight back.
I was passed from one abusive home to another. They were all the same--the taste of blood on my tongue, the sound of broken bones in my ears.
It was the hand I was dealt.
But when I finally escaped the system that tore me apart, I dedicated my life to avenging those who had laid their hands on me, who spit at me, who told me I was nothing.
I was ready to fight.
The compound reminded me of who I was and where I came from. And business was thriving.
Then I met Brea. She was unexpected, a Wild Ace in my deck. I could sense her own painful past, but I fed off her light. She was my escape from the darkness that surrounded me. My moment of freedom.
The moment was brief.
As soon as the door swung open, my worst nightmare sat on the other side. Brea had fallen into the shadows of my destruction. She'd finally seen the true ugliness in me.

My Review...
Trapper and Brea.
Trapper is a foster child who stayed in the system til he was 12 years old. During them 12 years thou were the worst ever! He was beaten over and over again, he went days and days with out eating and well it just wasn't a very happy ever ending for him while he was in the system. Now he's a poker player, hes the best in the States and well, probably the whole world. He goes to tournaments and he owns his own 'Compound.' What that compound is..... well you find out later in the book. but let me tell you this, its NOT what you think it is! 
Brea, Shes sweet and she's heartbroken. Her boyfriend passed away going on 2 years and its heartbreaking all over again. She says everything is ok. but well Frankie knows better. She knows her bestfriend. Brea is like i said a sweet woman who just wants to find someone that can fill the void she has in her heart.
So how does Brea and Trapper meet??! 
Her best friend invites her to a Masquerade party that her and her husband is throwing and she goes. She finds a guy that she doesn't know and they wind up kissing there at the bar, yes, the chemistry is just that strong. And then suddenly the guy gets a phone call and he hast to leave for business. But before he leaves he gives her his phone number. Says to use it if she wants more, but he's going to be in Vegas for a few days. well While he goes to vegas she winds up texting him and things gets 'heated over the phone'Now keep in mind they still don't know what each other look like, they just know that they had a connection.
So. i'm going to cut the description of the book off right there, why you ask?! Well, things gets really started when she finally sees Trappers face. Its not expecting. And its very surprising, even to the reader.
So what do i think about this book?! Well, I loved it. It wasn't your regular sappy romance book, and well, it has a REALLY GOOD story line. The story didn't drag on and on and on like some does, it cuts to the chase, gives you all the information you need, and well... its just a really good book! Trapper and Brea, they figure some stuff out about Trappers past, and how it all came. Trapper comes a really good person.
Now i WILL NOT say you WONT cry, i didn't, but if you have the soft heart, and well cry just about over anything that is heartfelt, you most likely will. But a good cry is never bad when it comes to a book.
This book starts off with Trappers past, his last foster home, that is ONE HECK OF A PROLOGUE! Warning you that now. 
But im rambling now...... Soooo on to the questions :)
Would i reread this book?! HECK YES I WILL.
Do i recommend this book?! Well YES. Its a fantastic book. And I loved the story line. I recommend it to anybody over the age of 18. [Scenes are a little ExTrA SpIcY] 
I received a copy of this book for my honest review!