Monday, April 18, 2016

King's Baby by Emerson Rose

King and Holland. 
King is a drug Kingpin and he owns the hottest club in the United States. He is the top DrugLord in the World and is highly known because he is a Romero. 
Holland is a 19 year old who is a innocent young woman and has one goal, to become a professional Violinist. Or so she thinks anyways.
One night her bestfriend, Savannah, talks her into sneaking out of the house and go clubbing before she goes to Julliard to fulfill her life long dream. She goes, has a blast, and well she has a one night stand with King, the OWNER of the Club. The chemistry is undeniable and well, surprising to both of them. King breaks all of his rules except one when it comes to women, never hit a woman, and well thats understandable there. 
King and Holland meets up the following day and things escalate pretty easy they become a couple and things are great, until he finds out her real age and she finds out hes a Kingpin. 
So what happens after all of that, well you have to read the book to find out.
Anywhoooo.... with the review part :)
King and Holland, a match come true. They are sweet together, and well, well matched.King is her ultimate ALPHAmale and he's cocky. He knows what he wants and well he takes it. What i didnt like about this book is that the prologue tells you everything that happens. and then the first chaptr is 4 years prior to the prologue and it takes a good part of the book to get to the end of the prologue, now, i love their story but King makes me mad! He shouldnt have done what he done to Holland and Julliette. 
There are some questions that i would like to have answered that the book doesn't go into at the end, alot of it hast to do with Candy. Hollands parents. and well something to do with a plane crash. but like i said its not questions that i NEED to know, its that i want to know.
So the book overall was pretty great, the story was different and not your usual, damsel in distress kinda mode. The story was sweet, kinda educational and overall charming.
So would i reread this book?! Absolutely.
Do i recommend this book?! Absolutely. like i said, great book, great characters, alpha male [MY FAVORITE]
I received a copy of this amazing book for my honest review.