Monday, April 25, 2016

Black Widow by Lauren Runow

Preston and Kammi.
oh my goodness what a book!
Preston is a guy who lost his wife due to suicide. And he blames hisself. All he wants to do is forget about everything and move on. But can it be done?!
Kammi is a woman whos husband got murdered and she blames herself. She is a sweet quiet shy woman whos read just about every erotoic romance out there. She has these fantasies but has never once acted them out. 
So im going to stop there because well, i dont want to give away the plot and all. 
This book is hilarious, and very addicting. When i picked this book. I didnt know what to expect because of the title. But it is so good! Ever read a book and after you got done you said 'wow that was a good book!'? Well this is one of them books. 

Would i reread this book?! Yes
Do i recommend this book?! Absolutely.
I recoeved this book for my honest review !

  • I'm shocked. I'm mortified. I'm more turned on than i have ever been in my entire life.
  • He can be Christian, Master Aidan or even Kellen, all my favorite book boyfriends.
  • “I’ve never been with a girl. I would like that but maybe not tonight. I’d like to experience each new thing on its own before I put everything together. But… I would feel safer if she was near. Maybe, watching us?”
    “Sounds good to me!” Becca jumps up and down not trying for one second to hide her excitement.