Monday, April 11, 2016

'Resisting' and 'Resist Me' by Chelle Bliss

Izzy and James! 
Out of all the Gallos, Izzy is my all time favorite!
She is full of spunk and NOBODY can tame her, not even Flash, her every now and then 'BootyCall'. And then James comes around.
Izzy is the only girl out of 5 kids. So with four brothers you can bet that shes tough and doesn't take any crap from anyone. Especially no guy!
And then her brothers [City and Suzys] wedding comes around and guess who's there. Thats right, James. James promises her one night of bliss and nothing else. And thats exactley what happens. After one night they go their seperate ways and a few weeks later Flash and Izzy decides to go to Florida for a Vacation, suppost to have the best time of their life. And then the intankable happens, Izzy finds herself in some trouble and Her brother sends some backup to help her out. And who is it?! You guessed it. James his-self. 

So who is this James?! Well James is the Alpha of the bunch. He can tame Izzy and Well hes just the guy for her. Nobody has been able to tame, control Izzy until him.
James is also into BDSM. Its tame but its there. You get to know Izzy and James in this book very well.
Resist Me is the 2nd part of Izzy and James story. The first book, well Novella is 'Resisting'. Resisting is the book that tells all about Their one night 'bliss' from City's Wedding. Its not required to read because Resist Me gets you caught up pretty quickly but you can get to know James in that one. And get to know Izzy and her spunk. I fell in love with This couple in the Novella, but it deepened in Resist Me.
So would i reread this book?! I would reread the whole serie. So that is a most deff YES!
Would i recommend this book, or Do i recommend this book?! Absolutely.