Friday, April 29, 2016

Dirty Prince by Vanessa Waltz

Prince Liam and California Girl Daisy! 
Imagine you are traveling to a small country where you have to have a tour guide with you at all times. And with what you want to do you don't really need that kind of attention, for all you want to do is tour the country and get a picture shot of the "dirty prince'. 
While your trying to get a picture of him he turns and looks at you and whispers that he wants you to come to the castle later so he can do some naughty things to you, and then you slap him because well, he's being arrogant and the next thing you know is his voice booming around saying "SEIZE HER" Yup. your getting arrested by Prince Liams guards because well you hit a member of the 'Royal Family' and that is punishable by law. 
So thats how Liam and Daisy gets introduced together. What happens after she's arrested?! Well you're going to have to read the book and find out. But know this, its hilarious, its funny, and honestly at some point it gets a little sappy. Yup i had tears in my eyes toward the end of the book, maybe im getting faint hearted, i dunno. But seriously its a REALLY GOOD BOOK! 
Daisy is a college student who is on summer break and is wanting to do a travel essay on this country. Shes fell in love once, but well that story is a story itself [you get to learn it in this book] and now after she gets arrested, the only thing she wants to do is go back to America, and forget all about her troubles and trespassing in a country who doesn't want her. Prince Liam is a sex crazed 'dirty' prince who can get just about anybody he wants, except the girl he truly wants. So Will Daisy finally give in and give the prince a chance, or will other fate come together and things just work out for the best for both of them
So do i recommend this book?! Its VANESSA WALTZ.... Of course i recommend her book. This book is amazing. and i love it. I love a good 'Badboy Prince' book and well Vanessa delivers it! 
Would i reread this book?! Absolutely. It sucks you in from the beginning and keeps you there. It makes you laugh and well, things gets a little 'spicy' 

I received a copy of this book for my honest review ! 

  • SLAP....Liam turns toward his guards. "Seize her."
  • "Tell me now you don't want to fuck me."
     "I d-don't actually"
    "Then why are you stammering?"
    "It's cold"
    "You're on a romantic nighttime ride on the most beautiful horse you've ever seen with an extremely hot, sexy prince who wants into your knickers. If you're not in a mood to fuck, then my name isn't Pince Liam"
    "You know, that's not how romantic gestures work. One: You actually have to mean them. Two: The girl can't be your prisoner."