Monday, February 22, 2016

Undo Me By M.Robinson Review!

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OMGOSH! I have no words. There is SOOOO much stuff that goes thru this book it is unreal! 

Ok first lets just say that i LOVE the prologue! When i got done with it i was like "wow that was so intense" Now when the first chapter came i was thinking 'what in the world. there is no way that happened to two 16 year olds And then it all made since.

You get a glimpse in the now but what i loved most about this book is how you get to see how they first met and you get to see thru their troubles. You get to follow their lead when Aubrey is just 15 years old and Dylan is just 16 years old. 

When i was reading this book i cried. yes there are some VERY emotional parts in this lovely book! I cried happy tears and i laughed my tail-in off at some parts. This book is truly one of a kind.
Dylan and Aubrey does not have a normal teenager love relationship. They are so intense. And you can feel the love that they give to one another. Now luckly this book moves along rather smoothly and they get up in age in, i dont want to say in no time because well that just doesn't happen. But It doesn't get to weird. PROMISE<3 Always. (Pun intended)

Then the part that i absolutely LOVE. Dylans Southern MANNERS! Lordy how MERCY!!! Me personally i'm from the south born and raised and currently still here (South Carolina Suga') So when i hear Dylan say "No disrespect Ma'am but thats how i was raised" Yes i smiled and laughed and my heart filled with so much glee. So yes the Southern Drawl is a little 'deep' when it comes to Dylan. He says "His momma raised him Right"

But seriously. Yes this book is AHMAZIING.... And i would definitely recommend it toward anybody. 

There are some rape scenes in this book. So please read with caution. And its really not that easy to get thru. It was pretty hard to get thru. There are some Domestic Violence in this book as well that is really a big stand out also. So Please read the book with care. and don't take it lightly. There are some
real problems in here that females face every single day. 

But like Lily says in this book "Everyone deserves a happy ever after" 
Read the book you really will not be disappointed. Its a happy sad funny book. And i truly enjoyed it! 

Heres a quote that made me laugh out loud :) 
"Why are we at the Marina"---Aubrey.
"So we can find a f***ing Mermaid, Lets go"---Dylan

There are other cute little quotes but gotta say THAT ONE is one of my all time favorites!!

I received this book for my honest opinion !