Sunday, February 28, 2016

Never Kiss an Outlaw by Nicole Snow Review


Never kiss an outlaw, they said. Easy advice, until the day my father's dirty secrets made me property of the Deadly Pistols Motorcycle Club. Easy, until I came face-to-face with the beautiful bastard who makes me burn with every glance. Firefly.
I tried to fight it. Threw every insult in the world his way, hoping to hide how bad my lips were begging to be kissed.
Now, I'm losing the battle. Completely.
I turned his life upside down. His cocky, unbelievable promises are flipping mine right-side up. He says he's going to make me his. I'm going to love it. And he isn't taking no for an answer.
I should slap him upside the head. Instead, I'm becoming a believer in his caveman promises because I can't keep my hands off him...

No more games. I cut Cora a hundred kinds of slack when she landed in my world, one that's too twisted for a sheltered spitfire.
I laughed at the sass and smears coming out of her mouth 'til the day the Prez made me her bodyguard. Then I put an end to her crap.
I protected her. I laid down the law.
One raging kiss shut her up for good. Never expected what came next, this urge to rip off her clothes, throw her on my bike, and own her.
The monsters coming after her, they're already dead. It's the  future that counts, and there's only one I'll live.Cora, she'll get my ink on her skin. She'll wear my ring. She'll have my kid.
I'm taking what's mine, taking her night after night, and she's gonna get used to my lips on hers forever.

Another great book by Nicole Snow! 
Cora and Firefly (Fireballs).
Cora, daddys little girl, is a sweet 22 year old who is doing a teaching internship for a future job. She comes home and finds out that something is terribly wrong. The local MC is at her house talking to her father. He tells her that everything is going to be ok and that she hast to go with them so they can keep her safe. But he won't tell her why, only that its the safest place to be right now. 
Firefly, the 32 year old who has no time for no woman. He scores and leaves. Thats his role and his play. The females knows that all they get. Just one night with Firefly, the crazy enforcer of the Deadly Pistols MC of Tennessee, thats all they get. And only one girl catches his eye, Sweet little Cora, the MC Prez bestfriends daughter, who is FORBIDDEN!! He goes weeks, months without touching another woman because Little Cora is all he wants. So what happens since Firefly can't touch her. What happens when every thing comes tumbling around Cora and Firefly? When Coras Daddys enemies comes and takes what they want and what they think they deserve for payment?! 
This story is FULL of surprises. And full of turns. And has the cutest little dog in it to. And what is the big dogs name. BINGO! Yes BINGO. What participant of a MC name their dog BINGO?! Well Bingos owner of course. 
Bingo is just the beginning of the cuteness of the story. This story is full of MC, Love, Surprises, and well some violence.

If you haven't read Nicole Snow, you are really missing out! Come join the SnowFlakes :) 
I received a copy of this book for my honest review !