Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Mine by Kim Linwood book review

Love love love this book! 
So what happens when you and your momma gets kicked out of the only home you know of?! And your forced to grow up faster then normally bc of your parents bad choices in life?! Well that's what happens to Liz. She's a woman who tries to get back what is rightfully hers. 
But things turns. And well, They don't add up like she thinks they will. 
Things gets interesting pretty quick in this book.
The story of this book is really good ! the drama, characters, and plot are different then any book I've read. Liz and Hunter are ex-stepbrother and sister. 
Liz is a woman who wants her island back. 
Hunter and his dad is running a TV show like The Bachelor. Hunter and his dad has several women come to his island that he calls home. And Liz finds out about it and she pays the fee to get on to the show. And we'll things goes from there.
Like I said this book is different than any other step brother romance I have read. And That is really a good thing.
Would I re read this book? Absolutely I loved it I truly enjoyed it. 
Would I recommend this book? Yes I would! I think anybody who loves a good romance but really isn't into the ooeygooey stuff it's really a perfect book for them. 
And the stepsibling thing going on isn't that bad either. The circumstances under Liz and Hunter are totally different from what I've normally read. Kim did a really good job at this story ! 

I received a copy of this book for my honest review!!

  • I have a bikini body because I have a body, and I can put a bikini on it, but it’s not like modeling contracts are lining up at my door. -liz
  • “Going out on a midnight search for love?”“Midnight search for meat, more like.”“Ah, then you did come to the right place.”Danny grabs his crotch suggestively and wiggles his eyebrows. “Except, I hate to disappoint, but I’m saving myself for the right girl.”“However will I survive?”
  • “Life is full of disappointment, Sir. Better to learn the lesson young. Now get the hell out and let me sleep.” -danny
  • “Well, at least I know I don’t have to worry about Sarah.”“Hey!”Liz snaps. “What’s that supposed to mean?”Yeah. I want to know too, but wisely keep my mouth shut. “Oh please. He treats you like a sister.”