Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Beyond the stars by Stacy wise

My review!

Beyond the stars is a book about a woman who has a Aunt that is working for a very popular actor and she gets a job through her aunt to become the actors personal assistant. The tabloids puts out that he is a Playboy and he is just a well around jerk. But what Jess finds out is nowhere near that she finds the real Jack. At first Jack he didn't want Jess to work for him, but her aunt persuaded him or rather convinced him.
This book will have you laughing, it will have you crying, and it will have you awwing.
The characters in this book is great the author really put some thought into the personalities of each one. There's also one little character in this book who is pink and has a curly tail and he oinks. You will fall in love with Leo. He's Uber cute and you get to know the little guy. 
This book is just great all around. It has a powerful story in a powerful lessons into it. 
The book also teaches that just because somebody may seem more powerful in your eyes doesn't mean you don't deserve them. If you describe yourself as a level 1 or level 2 and your crush is this a little before 5 or the highest that you can go up to it doesn't mean that you're not good enough for him. This book is great for that it teaches that lesson. And I think it's a really great lesson. 
My normal romance books that I read are really spicy. And even though this book really didn't have that it was still a really good book. A lot of times you forget that romance really doesn't have to be sex-crazed. And this book is a fine example of that. And that's one reason why I really did enjoy this book. The author didn't need to use it she fount another way to bring in her readers and well she she got me and she got me focus on this book.
Would I re read this book? Yes absolutely! 
 Would I recommend this book? Of course this book is for anyone, well anyone who can read a book about romance, about a sweet story, about a sweet story will make you cry, will make you laugh, and well; won't let you put it down.

 I received this book for my honest review