Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Shattered Sapphire by d.w. marshal

This book was so hard to put down. So if you've read the first book  Stolen flame you get to meet sapphire. Well sapphire is the lady who, well she really wasn't scared of anything. She is a girl from Brazil who lives in New Jersey and her parents are Catholic. she is not like them. she would rather go out partying and well, hooking up with men. This book had some turns and I really wasn't expecting her story or who she fell in love with because, well, I think everybody hated him... or at least I did anyways. 
So out of 5 stars I give this book a 10 this book is really good and it keeps you interested and alert and up to to 3 o'clock in the morning to reading it. 
Would I reread this book? Yes. Absolutely.
Would u recommend this series? Yes! 

I received this book from the author for my complete and honest review

Whats the book about??!

Life in The Chamber has been a dream for Sapphire. From day one The Chamber has been more like home to her than any other place on earth. No matter the sexual request, she went at it with enthusiasm. While the other girls referred to the men that feasted upon them with names of dread, she referred to them as lucky bastards. In The Chamber she was a star. 

Sapphire's world falls apart when she learns that, like the other six girls, she will be sent home. While the rest of the girls cheer for their freedom, Sapphire realizes that at home she will never be free. At home she will be judged for her sexual appetite. At home she will be forced to become Emmanuella Maria Alves, daughter of devout Brazilian Catholic parents that have never accepted her for who she is. 

In Shattered Sapphire, Emmanuella's journey begins when she fights to find her way back to The Chamber, back to her true love’s arms, and to become the woman she was meant to be...Sapphire