Monday, February 1, 2016

Thirty nights with a dirty boy part one by Shilow Walker

OK 500,000 to spend a month with a manwhore!  Literally. Why? Because she's lonely. She's so scared of touching but trusts sean.  Why?! She's not sure at all.
OK so first off this book will get you hooked in this series. No joke. It took about 3 hours to read but it leaves you with wanting more!  And dag nabit. I want more. So would I recommend this book? yes!  Would I reread this book? yes. Absolutely ! I loved it!  
Im very interested in hearing seans and Ellas stories. Why are they like they are?
I received this book for my honest review! 

  • It was a good thing I hadn’t taken that next sip of Knob Creek because I might have choked on it and that would have been a waste of damn fine bourbon.
  • He might not give you the time … but he’d let you pay for it.