Saturday, February 20, 2016

Life on the Level: On the Verge book 3

Your daddy was a Poker player and he taught you EVERYTHING he knows! You are from New York and you have the best poker face there was known to mans kind. You can beat everyone and anyone. Its how you were raised. You was raised in bars and 'rooms that doesn't exist' and to top it off your a female. Blonde headed at that. One of the prettiest blondes at that. oh and did i mention that its natural at that?! 
Well that is River Thomas. Besides after Rivers dad dies everything crumples. She turns to Alcohol and finds her self in a very bad relationship. Everything seemed fine and then the worst happens, she gets thrown out of a window and theres a nasty scar because of the fall. And now she's running for her life, She escaped him, after she left one nasty scar on his face.
She finds her self in little ol Sun Valley, Montana where she checks into Rehab. But not before she Runs into a hottie that she never gets his name. She never tells him hers either. She has one last drink one last hoorah. Before she commits her self into Rehab. And then the unthinkable happens. Her last hoorah is well with her counselor and now she knows his name. HUTCH (His name even sounds hot doesn't it) And he knows hers, (River Thomas)
In this book there is so much drama that happens in this book. You fall in love with (most) of the characters and hate (some) of the characters. This book leaves no loose ends. Well maybe a few but i'm hoping some of them will find their way into a book somehow?! Maybe a update on River and Hutch :)
You will be like no way dude. And other times be like EWWW I HATE YOU!  and then theres the point where your like ok i know your going to show up. go ahead and show upalready. and then theres the point where you think No River your BETTER then that! Don't do it!!!  So yes theres ALOT of different emotions that goes thru this book. Theres ALOT of sweetness into it also. 

Would i Reread this book?! ABSOLUTELY.
Would i Recommend this book?! YES. matter of fact i recommend this book to YOU! So go get it. 

It releases On February 23, 2016. 
Heres a few more pictures from the author her self :) So enjoy !!!