Sunday, February 14, 2016

Raw and dirty by violet blaze review

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My Review! 

Two people from two different worlds. This is what Royal and Lyric is. One is the president of a MC and the other is in politics, the mayors daughter to be exact. There is so much that goes on in the book. I can not wait til book two:) it leaves you wanting more. I am hoping that maybe we will get to glimpse into royals and lyrics lives on book two.

But anywho. The characters
Ok so Royal is the ultimate Alpha he is the bomb dude! (Yes i went there) he does not say No for an answer. He gets what he wants. And when he does something he does it RIGHT! Lyric is a 28 year old who is sweet and shy but lordy how mercy she is FIESTY !

You really do not want to miss this book ! 
Take a ride on a the wild side and live a little. It is truly a great book !

Would i reread this book??! Yes!
Would i recommend this book??! Absolutely !