Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Defiant by Scarlet Pierce

First off let me start by this: This book has ALOT of potential. I finished it because i wanted to know what happens. There are some good parts and some funny parts. Overall i did enjoy it. It intrigued me. 
Now on the review:)
I have never read about a man being so arrogant so cocky that I wanted to reach inside of my tablet and smack him and tell him to get over his self. Cliff is a multi millionaire who really is cocky. And in the beginning I could not stand him. I think I fell in love with club at the calf scene. And throughout the book he just got more sweeter. Katie is a woman who has a lot on her plate right now. She is a daddy's girl and unfortunately daddy is dying in the hospital with complications of his heart. Katie and cliff find each other in the worst of times or maybe it could the best of times, depending how you look at it.
Would i recommend this book- probably so.
Would i reread it?! I seriously doubt it. But like i said the story line is really good. 
I recieved this book for my honest review!