Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Addicted by Lauren Landish Review !

“Your lips would look great wrapped around my…”

Who in the world tells a girl that on their first meeting? Tyler Locklin, that’s who. He’s filthy rich and arrogant with a set of abs that is the envy of all young men everywhere, and did I forget to mention devilishly handsome? He’s a bastard of the first order. I can’t stand to be in the same room with him. 
But with one wink or a flash of his mischievous grin, I go weak in the knees. It pisses me off. I’m supposed to hate him. He’s an asshole. Yet, I can’t help but be drawn to him because I’m . . .ADDICTED.

My Review! 
22 year olds and all you want to do is be a fashion designer. You want to get your name out there and beable to work at your own firm. But the only way to do that is to work with one of the most coniving women there is. She puts you thru crap to get you to learn what you need to learn, but you dont know she's doing it for your own good. 

And then theres this big wedding fitting that you have to host. Your 'barking orders' and a guy who is 'drool worthy' comes over to you. He lies to one of your coworkers saying that youve known him your whole life and hes only comfortable with you taking his measurements. So you go fit him and one of the first things he says to you is 'they would look great wrapped around my d**k'. Then you slap him and run away. Oh did i mention that he is a CFEO, he cofounds his and his fathers company.

Thats the back story or well the early beginning anyways♥♥

The Story is really cute. And its sweet. Tyler is your arrogant CoFounder. Hes your stepbrother, but you dont know that until you go meet his daddy for the first time and see your mother standing there. WOW what a surprise. Victoria is just a 22 year old who is trying to make it work out on herself and who tries not to think about the mother that she got into a very big dispute when she divorced her father and married a cocky billionaire, which resulted in not going to her own mothers wedding.  But none the less 
Victoria and Tyler has there drama. Especially when Tylers ex-girlfriend comes on the scene, so YES there is the one girl who causes all the drama in this book. And Tyler has his own problem when his own board wants to vote him because of his 'wild ways'. 

Would i reread this book?!Yes.
Do i recommend this book??! Absolutely.