Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Vegas Baby by Winter Renshaw

My Review!!
Omgosh this book! I really do think my ovaries exploded during some parts of this book! 
I was really not expecting that beginning. I figured thered be a baby because of the vegas life. But WOW. I really wasn't expecting that. The stuff that Crew goes through in the beginning and how he overcomes everything. The role he picks up right off the bat after calming down first. I just really don't know what to say without giving the story. But geesh! 
Even what Calypso goes through and what she finds out and how she overcomes everything. She lives in Vegas but she's not your average Vegas Woman. Shes REAL. She owns a bookstore. And she has a neighbor that she nicknames 'JACKHAMMER'. And she hates it. That is who Calypso is. But there is so much more to her. Her backstory is just amazing. Its so surreal and she overcomes it all. Its really incredible.
 This book is just amazing ! I wasn't expecting alot of the events that happens into this book. Shoot i wasn't expecting none of it to be honest. But i will have to give this book a 4 stars because i want to know what happens with everything. But other then that. This book is a 5 star all the way. The writing is great! I read this book is just about 10 hours. so its pretty great. I've read quite a few books of Mrs. Winter Renshaws books and they never do disappoint. And this book right here isn't any exception. GET THIS BOOK. you really will not regret it ! 

I received a copy of this book for my honest review ! 

Crew Forrester is the ultimate Vegas playboy.
He's never played a card game he couldn’t beat and never met a showgirl he couldn’t bed. He plays by his own rules, and he plays to win.
At twenty-four, he's on top of the world, basking in his bachelorhood one debaucherous night at a time, when an early morning knock on his door changes everything.
He's a daddy. He has a daughter. And he's never changed a diaper in his life.
But just when he's getting a grip on this whole fatherhood thing, he meets Calypso, the intriguing lavender-and-patchouli-scented hippie in the apartment next door. She refuses to discuss her past, but Crew didn't win a dozen high stakes poker tournaments without learning a thing or two about reading people.
She’s hiding something.
But Calypso’s not just a mystery, she’s the ultimate jackpot. And Crew's bet money before but never happiness. If he wants her, he'll have to take the biggest gamble of his life. But having her for his own would be the ultimate win.