Thursday, January 21, 2016

Silver and chrome book review

Imagine reading the ultimate romance book ! Mc, ceo, drama, dilemma after dilemma, and really really spicy scenes. Well this is that book. Read it in 2 days and I enjoyed every single page. There are twists and turns thru out the entire book and well it's just a great book. The characters are amazing.
Bash is the ultimate badboy. He's the president of his MC and he's the founder of his company. He's kept his two worlds apart for 5 years and then Evelyn comes into his life. Evelyn is a woman who youst to date this guy named Edward another Ceo for a different company. Well he's not very nice. Most of all the other characters you will fall in love with them.
I'm hoping the author might write more on this MC. I really want to know what happens to Snake and Maximus thru out their life.

Would I reread this book? yes. Absolutely!
Would I reread this book? yes most definitely!