Friday, January 29, 2016

Pretty bird by olivia howe

Pretty bird! The name sounds a little goofy because when you think of just a bird you don't think about it being pretty. Or well at least I don't. This book is about a girl who is on her way to Hawaii with her boyfriend of a few years. It's about a girl who thinks she looses everything and then more. She finds out some thing about her boyfriend that just doesn't make any sense. 
All I can say is be prepared for your eyes to water and to get really sappy! And I do not use them words lightly either. 
This book is very sentimental and it holds alot of emotions and events that you never want to find yourself in or wish on your worst enemies. 
Thus book is a 4 star for me. It was a little hard for me to read for some reason. The plot storyline and all that is just great! I absolutely loved it! 

Would I recommend this book? yes. Absolutely 
Would I reread this book? yes. I loved the story.
I received this book for my honest review!!