Saturday, January 9, 2016

My bestfriends step father by opal carew

Love this book ! There are so many suprises in this book. Every turn I fount something new. Ash and Dare and Adam. Ash is doing a article on the Dom and sub relationship. She gets taught about it thru her best friend from high school stepfather. Things articulate pretty quickly. But the problem is is that her and Adam has been wanting each other for years but Adam didn't want to pursue it until she fount out that Dare is the one who was teaching ash about the Dom sub thing. This book is ALOT of heat. By 22% it was like woah ! This book is more heated then 50 shades of grey and THAT says a lot ! Would I recommend it? Absolutely! anyone who loves a good romance taboo thing is going to love it ! I know I did.  Now.... I won't lie I was extremely skiddish about getting this book but I am so glad I did. It wasn't like I was expecting at all and let me tell you it is SUCH A GOOD THING!! Give the book a chance I promise you will not regret it !!

I received a copy of this book for my honest review! ! !  
Just an excerpt from the book ! 
“Ash, it’s not my fault that you’re aroused by the Dom-sub situation. If you weren’t, I wouldn’t push in that direction, but you clearly are.”“But that doesn’t mean we have to go in that direction.” He chuckled. “We don’t have to. But you want to. And you want me to push you.”“No, I don’t.” Uncertainty laced her words. He turned to her, locking his gaze with her wide blue eyes. “Ash, I told you not to lie to me.” She straightened up, gazing at him uncertainly. “I believe the idea of exploring a sexual relationship with me…” he continued, “where I dominate you completely … exhilarates you. I think you want to pursue it more than anything.” He leaned in closer. “Where I command you to do sexy things to me. Like telling you to strip off your clothes and kneel in front of me. To pull out my cock and take it in your mouth, then suck it until I come in your mouth.” His breath lightly brushed her neck, sending tingles dancing along her skin. His voice became a low, husky growl. “Where I push you against the wall and take you hard and fast.” When he stroked a wisp of hair from her face, she sucked in a breath, her wide eyes glowing with desire. He brushed his lips against her temple. “Tell me I’m wrong.”