Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Defaced by marissa Farrar

To get kidnapped because of your career choice. That is what happens to Lily, or well FLOWER. Monster kidnaps her because he has a 'imperfection' or so he and his father says. Shes taken because of her ability and he wants it to better for hisself.
When lily gets there she's scared because she doesn't know what to think she doesn't know why hes taken her but she does know this: 1) It was planned it wasnt just because she was there at the wrong time wrong place kind of thing. 2.) She has her own secret she hates being touched. 3) She loves his touch. Even thou she hates being touched and she never never wanted to be touched by another human again, but she CRAVES his !  This book is a mystery it keeps you guessing. Thru out the book you get a look into Monsters past and the present day of Lily. At first i was like "no i shouldnt have picked this book to read" But its not bad at all. i thought it was going to be a very dark romance but its doable ! I honestly enjoyed it. IT has a sweet story in it. it kinda reminds me of the beauty and the beast story beccause of the way Monster predicts the way people on the outside will look at him.  this is my first book by Marissa Farrar and it will DEFFINATLY NOT be my last ! I loved it.
Would i reread it?! YES !
Would i recommend it?! ABSOLUTELY

I received a copy of this book for my honest review!