Monday, January 11, 2016

Escape to Love by

A single mother to a child with autism. She's broke doesn't know how everything is going to get paid. Your moved to a new city the school officials said that your daughter will be fine walking home from school by her self but she doesn't come home. It's dark time and you hear military and officers above your house. You find out 2 prisoners escape just meters from your house. What do you do?! You go inside and see a man hugging your daughter and she says momma he saved me. Momma he's good right. He's got 32 teeth that means it's an even number and thats good right. 
So much stuff happens in here. It's a good book and leaves you wanting more!  I love how they brought autism in here. Autistic children are special. It needs reconiztion and needs to be brought fourth. And this right here is a good way to learn about it. 
Read the book you won't be disappointed!