Thursday, May 5, 2016

Wrong place right time by elle case

Dev and Jenny.
Dev is just a sweet guy! He is 7ft even and has no hair what so ever! He has a little boy named Jacob, and him hisself is amazing, just like his daddy.
Jenny is a single mother who has 3 kids, 2 girls and a boy.
Jenny meets Dev because of her sister, May [you get to read about hers and ozzies story in 'wrong number right guy' she wants Jenny to do some free lance work for the Bourbon Street Boys.
Some things goes wrong and well Jenny and Dev gets to know each other just a little bit better then.
When Jenny and Dev overcomes shyness, awarkedness. and well their attraction to each other, they start to come out of their shell.
Devs outlook on life is AMAZING!
I loved this book, one of the reasons is because of Devs son. I will not go into specifics but just giving that kind of awareness to Cerebral Palsy is amazing! My little brother has Cerebral Palsy and Hydrocephalus and seeing this it made my day. Alot of authors doesn't want to put special needs into a book, but me personally i love reading about it. ESPECIALLY if their facts are all correct!
So this book, i enjoyed it. i loved it. The characters, the plot, the drama, it was all to great, and oh so real. When i read the first in the series i thought man this is going to be a great one!
I wanted to see more of Toni, she was my fav character in the first book, but with all of the drama that comes from because of her, i can not WAIT to read her story! I know there hast to be one!
would i reread this book? yes.
do i recommend this book?! OF COURSE. i recommend this whole series so far !
I recieved a copy of this book for my honest review !