Friday, May 6, 2016

Bachelor by Winter Renshaw

Derek. Serena.
Derek is a single father who vows to never ever marry again, girlfriends?! Yeah. forget it. He is all about his little girl, haven, and his job. He likes the bachelor lifestyle. and loves his little girl.
Serena is a woman who is a rich woman who is getting [played] by her stepmother. She claims she's delusional, will self-harm, and well not right. 
Derek is Serena's financial assistant [lawyer] to say [not the word they used but....] So when Derek sees Serena and is able to see the true Serena, things gets a little messy. All he wants to do is protect her, give her shelter. But what happens when the wicked witch of the west, her stepmother finds them?! What happens when everything comes together for the worst with one of Serena's supposedly best friends?! Well you'll just have to read the book and find out! 
This book is a little different than Mrs. Renshaws other books that I've read. But like always, she sucks you in from the beginning and keeps you there. I love how she does that! 
But what i didn't like is that everything moved so fast toward the end. Maybe i was looking for more with rounding everything off?! I dunno. but i did enjoy the book! 
So would i reread this book? absolutely. i loved Derek and Serena story.
Do i recommend this book?! YES!!! If you love a book that is completely forbidden because of counselor/client relationships then YES! 
I received this amazing book for my honest review!