Monday, May 2, 2016

Never have an Outlaw's baby by Nicole Snow

Joker and Summertime♥
Joker has been my favorite character since Nicole has introduced the Deadly Pistols in the first book in the series. Joker hes down to earth and he knows what needs to be done and when it needs to be done he makes sure its done. He is a guy who loves the bachelor life but when sweet little Summer gets herself into some trouble in her Uncles kitchen Joker and his brother comes to the rescue.
Its nice seeing their past and a glimpse into their future.
Summer is a woman who is all about family. She loves her momma, her uncle, and the small town in GA. Well that was until The Deads MC came an pratically took over it.
But what happens when The Deads prez comes and threatens Summer and what whats hers?!
This book is like i said, really sweet, and very ALPHA!! I believe thats one reason why i LOVE Nicoles books! She always has an ALPHA male. She doesn't use the whimpy guys that some of the authors right about. She uses the big[mean] cocky, arrogant, alpha ones. I mean who wants to read about a crybaby whimpy male?! NOT ME THATS FOR SURE!!!
So back to joker and summertime's story.
you get to meet a few new characters in here. You get to meet Bingo again, still the cutest dog ever!
And what i LOVED about this book, you get to get a glimpse in Skins and a few of the Grizzlies life. YES she combined them in this book, absolutely loved that!!
So, would i reread this book?! Absolutely. it sucks you in from the beginning, favorite male characters out of the Deadly Pistols MC. And well you get to read about one of the cutest hazel eyed characters in this book.
Do i recommend this book?! YES. I love Nicoles work and well this book is probably one of her best!
I received a copy of this book for my honest review!!