Saturday, May 21, 2016

Sinclair by Celia Aaron


So i was skiddish about reading this one. I've read counselor but havent read the other two in the series. So when i read it and finished it i was like "wheww i'm glad it didnt have any spoilers in it"
So Sinclair. Everything is in Sin's POV. You get to see what happens in the book that happens until he goes to meet Stella for his 'bribing'[couldnt think of the word i wanted to use] for her to be in the ball and trials.
You get to know just a little bit more about each character in the book, And it actually goes into a little depth with the trial.
Sin, well hes a favorite of mine. Teddy, i really hope Celia writes a book about him, he's just so sweet! Deff not like Sin and His other brother.
So enough rambling.
This book, like i said it tells you right where sin decides that Stella is going to be his.  Its a good book, really well written, and well pretty short. took me just a little over 1 hr 30 mins to read. So it is pretty short. It CANNOT be read as a standalone! Its a novella after all. it tells you everything before the actual series begin.
I do think this book needs to read before you start the series thou. but you can backtrack i guess, I know i did:)
So would i reread this book? Well thats a tricky question. If i started the series over again then YES. If i didn't then probably not, just because theres really nothing interesting that takes place, its a introduction to a series and i feel like theres no point in reading if you don't read the other books also.
Do i recommend this book?! Yes i do. I think its a very important part of the series, it goes into depth how stella and Sin is. It gives their characters a boost.
I received a copy of this book for my honest review!