Thursday, May 26, 2016

Taste by stephanie brother

Your father dies when your 12 years old and you shut yourself off you get called Ice Queen stuck up in other words. And then a year later a new boy and his father moves up the road and your little 13 year old self falls in love. That is what Ari did. She kept her Secret until she was about 20 years old. She went to college and watched what Damon Ryder from afar.
Damon is a guy who can get any girl he wants. Hes tall, muscular and well one good looking guy. Hes wanted one girl aince he was a teenager and that is Ari. The girl every guy called ice queen.
One Christmas Aris mother tells her she's been dating a guy for 4 months and him and his son is coming over for Christmas dinner. But what happens when the guy she's dating is Damon's father Jared?! Will their feelings go away for each other or what exactly happens when everything comes together.
I'm going to stop right there because the story goes to a different route and I really don't want to spill it. But what I can say about this story is it's really sweet but there is a time where you're like 'really no he didn't' and 'omgoodness whats going to happen now?!' So yes this book has some moments in it.
Would i reead this book? Most definitely yes.
Do I recommend this book? Yes absolutely.
I received a copy of this book for my honest review!