Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Crave Me by M. Robinson

Austin and Briggs! 
Austin is a guy who has some troubles. His home life isn't all that great, everyone around him thinks his life is perfect because his family has money. But what they don't see is a boy who is suffering so much that it is literally killing him inside! 
Briggs. Poor Briggs. She lames herself about something that she shouldn't. and well things are rough for her. All she wants is a family to love her and be a person that is wanted. 
M. gives you a story that can be so real like and probably is real to some people in their life. 
Drug addiction, blaming yourself for the unthinkable. The list just goes on an on.
There are some teary spots, so if your light hearted, make sure you grab a box of tissues. This story will break your heart. If you've dealt with addiction by a friend or a loved one then this will touch home for you! 
Briggs and Austin goes thru so much together in this book, its unreal. If you haven't read the other books in the series, then there are spoilers of the other books. 
Now the ending.
OMGOODNESS!!! Talk about a cliffhanger. Thats the best thing about M's 'standalones' she makes you want to read the next one! 
So with that being said, now my official review. 
This book is really great. It goes into so much detail in the beginning of Austins and Briggs life that they don't meet until far into the book -but no to far- the background information, was worth it, you had to read it to get to know Austin and Briggs as a person. 
M brings you directly into the book with a KILLER prologue! It sucks you in from the beginning and keeps you there. 
You fall in-love with all of the good ol boys and Half-Paint. You get to see sides of each of them that you didn't see in the other books. 
This book is wonderful, drama filled, heartbreak after heartbreak. And you get HAPPY TEARS! 
So would i reread this book? Absolutely.
Do i recommend Austin and Briggs? YES, of course. I loved the book, and this book would in my opinion brings out both sides of addiction, the user and the person that is hurting because of it.
There are so much stuff that happens in real life in this book, its unreal.
I received a copy of this book for my honest opinion!